Oops, we were wrong: Star Wars broke more than expected HWzone

Oops, we were wrong: Star Wars broke more than expected

Initial numbers have turned out to be a bit too conservative, and now it turns out that the power wakes up is the biggest revenue earner in the first weekend in the halls , it's always been like this

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Disney would probably like this mistake: The initial numbers About Star Wars Revenue: The Force Awakens Over the first weekend in Hollywood movie theaters were too modest in retrospect, and now that it has been updated to full and official numbers - the film has managed to break the record of "Jurassic World" even to international revenues for the first weekend, even without its help Of the Chinese market.

Chapter Lucas's super brand 7 ended up earning about $ 248 million in the first three days of the screening, instead of $ 238 million by preliminary estimates, breaking the previous record by 40 million - and helping the international amount Overall, the three-day climb to about 529 million, which is 5 million more than the dinosaurs launched mid-year, and a new world record for Hollywood, as mentioned.

Now, having also received data from Monday's revenue (and where the power wakes up broke all records, of course), the international revenues that are already standing on The sum of about 610 millionAnd at the current rate, it would be unreasonable to expect the movie to cross the billions of dollars by the end of the weekend, in less than ten days since it began - which is likely to become the big launch in the history of the entire entertainment industry, if that is not the case. Stunning!


Does Star Wars have a real chance to come close to the inconceivable peak set by Avatar at that time six years ago, with total international revenues reaching the end of the road to almost 2.8 billion?

In fact, the only significant record that 'The Force Awakens' failed to break seemed to be breaking, at least in US market terms where tracking data and statistics is the most pervasive - this is the record high for a single Saturday, where JJ Abrahams' movie brought about "Only" 68.3 $ million, which came in third place as "Jurassic World" and Marvel's Avengers advance it by slightly more than $ 1 million.

Beyond this specific point, it is a phenomenon of nature that we have not yet seen in the cinematic world, and with very positive reactions from both critics and fans and viewers - we are likely to see many more new highlights in the coming weeks.



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  1. I'm the only one that has this whole Star Wars thing out of all the holes already ???

  2. jackhammer
    I think like you, I'm tired of how the media deals with the movie all the time and the commercials everywhere are getting out of you guys!

  3. Revenue has long been a measure of film quality.
    And in this case, a lot of fuss about nothing !!!

  4. The headline of the article was not at all mysterious, you knew exactly where you were going in, however much you were tired of trying to absorb more information.
    Kakdu, I wonder if you really liked the movie and that's why you changed the phrase "most of nothing to nothing" to reflect your enthusiasm, or was it just a mistake, anyway?

  5. What is most interesting to me is how did we let this film direct the film… ?! Hope very much that the saga is less infantile, as there is no way I'm going back to the column for this brain fart.

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