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Oops, we were wrong: Samsung is denying its history for the Galaxy Note 10

Past commercials in which the Korean manufacturer tried to make fun of its rivals due to missing features quietly disappeared from the company's official accounts - but the network never forgets

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Many raised an eyebrow and were disappointed to find that Samsung decided to adopt the latest fashion and forgo the wired headset In its luxury Galaxy Note 10 models (And we haven't even mentioned the choice to disappear the microSD slot solely from the base version of the device) - after years of taking pride in this feature at every opportunity, with a wink to manufacturers like Which led to the opposite trend.

So what do you do when you decide to admit that the bitter opponent was actually right? Trying to change and blur the past of course.

Some observers noticed that some of Samsung's most humorous commercials of the past, which amusingly reminded us that the various iPhone models gave up the classic headphone connection while Samsung's products preserved it, disappeared The company's official YouTube channels - Probably to avoid the flushing of new virulence reactions from both those who prefer the iPhone and those who are not really happy to see the old analog connection suddenly disappeared.

A great Samsung ad from the past that highlighted the fact that iPhones have no memory expansion, no headphone slot and screen defect - three features that now match the The standard Galaxy Note 10, Priced at no less than 950 dollars and 950 euros

Samsung probably forgot that The Internet remembers everything, and is now reminded of this with particularly unfavorable headlines highlighting the U-turn she decided to make in the new roll-out of her flagship products. It is highly doubtful whether these publications will lead her to regret her decisions - but perhaps one can hope that the next one in the giant company will be slightly more modest in their approach.

Another ad that was launched less than a year ago and laughed at the lack of plugging in headphones - And now in Samsung, you'd rather forget that you've ever watched it

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