The patience is paying off: OLED monitors may become more popular than LCDs by the end of the decade
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The patience is paying off: OLED screens may become more common than LCDs by the end of the decade

After several years in them Relied on them almost alone in the shadow of claims of excessive price and reliability problems, the technology that allows us to get almost infinite contrast is in the safe way up

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What do you prefer on your smartphone, screen Bright, saturated and semi-flexible or the The good old one with a more realistic color gamut and impressive contrast? If you choose the first option, it turns out that you are part of a rapidly evolving trend - which could bring about a real upheaval in the smart device market in about three years, based on the latest estimates from the experts in the field.

In the report Of the site digitimes quotes an evaluation carried out by DSCC (Research Supply Chain Consultants), which specializes in the world of display media - whereby up to 2019 the number of screens That will reach the various manufacturers in the market will be about 1.37 billion units (!), And the following year will also overshadow the amount of LCD screens sold in the same category for the first time in history.

To date, the popularity of LCD screens has been undeniable - but that may change soon

This is very encouraging news first and foremost for , Which pioneered the commercial application of technology from 2010, on the days when there were still many complaints about the quality of the display of the -, Its lifespan, its technical limitations (such as the possibility of burning a picture that is shown for a long time), and especially the high price tag. Since then, and until now, Successfully proved that they do not fall out of the LCD display with reliability, quality or efficiency - with the increasing popularity also resulting in significant price and availability gaps, and we even discovered a new world of interesting capabilities because of their ability to be based on a flexible plastics substrate instead of a hard glass substrate.

Clearly controls the market Today, and will likely be the main beneficiary of the expected explosion in popularity

The market research company expects not only a big jump in the demand and popularity of the various OLED screens (Under the renowned brand Super AMOLED) and those of competition (such as או (Sharp), but also a surge in domain revenue, from $ 23 billion this year to over 60 billion in 2022 - nearly 3 in just five years.

Flexible screens, semi-transparent screens and more - we certainly expect an exciting future with more and more screens Available in the market

Will this popularity allow this cool technology to finally invade other areas, such as the world of home computer screens and the world of mobile computers (beyond the unique and ultra-luxury models that have already had the opportunity to profit from it)? We'll probably soon find out.


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  1. Worth what? OLED has had many problems
    Especially for connecting to a computer.

    I'm sorry to break your dream, but this dream is bad
    And I will explain:

    On TVs
    1. The screen is very dark that works with low lighting, especially a problem in small screens and therefore troublesome.
    2. A lot of details are missing in color, although you can see many colors
    3. Very poor image processor viewing through computer
    The Internet looks bad
    Just good for Blu Ray full
    The OLED screen does not forgive or correct image defects.
    Another reason why there is no OLED to the computer

    The OLED cellular is controlled by Samsung and the screens look very good
    Until LG came and destroyed the party

    Sites covering TVs will not tell you the truth until the next model comes out and then there will be only hints
    Many lies have been discounted customers in the stories sell manufacturers, in previous years.

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