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Get ready for Bluetooth 2016: more far, faster and ready for revolution

The popular wireless device threatens to explode next year with the doubling of data transfer speed and latitude, and the ability to work in a smarter fabric topology

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In a short notice We have been provided with the Bluetooth SIG group that is responsible for The renowned wireless device is a small glimpse into its roadmap for 2016 - and it sounds innovative and promising.

According to the publication, next year, Which will improve all conceivable parameters - Broadcasting capacity will increase up to 4 by far than we know today (probably with a higher power working mode), data transfer speed will increase to 2 by most available today without any increase in power consumption, and the highlight is Optionally, you can operate in a Mesh top, where any transceiver can be used as relay information to adjacent transceivers.

Prepare for the biggest change since Bluetooth 4.0, which made the device ideal for smartphones that need maximum power consumption savings
Prepare for the biggest change since then 4.0, which made the device ideal for smart devices that need maximum power consumption savings

The transition to Mesh Topology may be revolutionary for the growing world of Things (IoT), where every smart product in your home or office based on Bluetooth will no longer need to connect to a unit Directly (your smartphone, tablet, TV, router, or smart control unit) - but can do so through other devices on the road. Similar to the method used Modern Internet.

The Internet of things, here we come

We do not know exactly when all these new capabilities begin to appear in our products, but at least on paper it sounds like a great upgrade that is definitely worth waiting for.


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  1. Two times the work rate is also very low compared to other wireless standards. The possibility of passing information through other devices seems like a minor security breach. Increasing the distance is a welcome change.

  2. I do not know that WIFI has a magic solution to MAN IN THE MIDDLE attack.
    The main difference is that everyone in the network is a "chain" link and there is a greater chance that one of them will be the weak link.

  3. You probably do not know what MAN IN THE MIDDLE is.
    It's not someone who listens to you, it's someone pretending to be someone else.
    How do you know that the server you connect to is really who he claims to be? On the Internet, this is done by checking CERTIFICATE against official servers that are supposed to tell you whether the CERTIFICATE is real or not (not completely closed how it works).
    In a local network you just assume that the person you connect to is really who you think he is.
    If so, MAN IN THE MIDDLE is not a problem of building an encrypted network but is a problem of identifying or verifying the authenticity of the server you are connecting to.
    Call it MAN IN THE MIDDLE because the "bad" server impersonates the real server and transmits communication between you and the real server while listening to both of you.

  4. what? I did not say you were a funny person. I just asked if anyone ever told you that you were a funny person?
    That means the answer is no.

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