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Prepare your 3D glasses: The four sequels to Avatar get launch dates

Looking forward to continuing the plots of the cinematic work that has made the most money ever? It's coming and going - early in the next decade

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Many were skeptical about Avatar, director James Cameron's new movie that came more than a decade after his previous film, Titanic, broke all cinematic highlights imaginable, promising to reinvent the technologies we are familiar with in the market - but he stood by and surpassed all Expectations, with more reliable and impressive 3D display technology that drew tens of millions of people to the cinemas and plastic glasses with the blue and red lenses, resulted in huge revenues of about $ 2.7 billion, which easily exceeded production costs that extended and broke its budget constraints.

With this huge financial success, there was no doubt that Fox Studios would like to expand and exploit the brand optimally, with a free hand for the brain behind the venture to continue its work - and Cameron took this opportunity with all seriousness, as it always does, with planning for three avatar films More, not least, will even swell four sequels (!) Down the road.

Did you really think that the most compelling film in the history of the industry would settle for one single sequel? Fox provided an "open check" for James Cameron

Now, after a series of delays, we finally have dedicated investment dates for all these episodes, which will try to make the history of Pandora's star and the mysterious natives of it one of Hollywood's most successful series ever.

According to the new schedules provided by Fox Studios, Avatar II will not launch at the end of 2018 as planned, but at December 18 in 2020, that is about three and a half years - and 11 years just after the original episode launch. It's a pretty long wait, but after it's over we expect half a decade to be loaded with this sci-fi world: Avatar 3 to be filmed and produced in conjunction with the second film will arrive on 17 in December 2021, while Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 will also be produced together 20 December 2024 and 19 December 2025, when it is worth noting that the hand or leaning, and significant commercial success of all this ambitious venture can give us more and more follow-on products and products.

Is this the technology that will make the future Avatar films more special?

Most of the original cast will return to the sequel, led by Sam Worthington and Zoe Saladna and together with Sigourney Weaver and Stephan Lang, who help clarify that These will also deal with the events preceding the original Avatar, as well as with what followed in the timeline.

He will return in the sequels

We don't yet know what exactly James Cameron is technologically planning for in this wide-ranging comeback, but it is widely believed that in these new films, we will also see breakthrough technologies - such as fast-paced 24 frames per second that are already the cinematic standard decades. Who knows, maybe too או Will be part of the surprises made by the eccentric director, who has already stated in the past that these films should make the audience… do in pants, not practically, we hope.

The director and creator James Cameron along with friends, who will no doubt * appear in future films

Are you planning to see Avatar 2 until 5, or is one of those movies quite enough? Let us tell you in comments.

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