Prepare your wallets: The era of Google's smart clothes will begin soon

The innovative joint project on the technology company and Levis will cost you a lot of money, but we are happy to see that it has not collapsed and disappeared

The number of strange and advanced technological ideas that are being developed in the various laboratories, divisions and branches of the company (And, to a large extent, its recently born parent company, Alphabet) is enormous, and despite all the power and resources it has, it is quite natural to assume that not every concept can mature into a true commercial application, and some of them will have to be buried somewhere in the archives away from the world.

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After the bitter failure of Project Ara to create an awesome Modularly, significant concerns have arisen for other projects coming from our company's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) labs, such as Project Soli for technological voice-to-voice control, Project Vault to create an entire card-size computer - and Project Jacquard to create smart clothes that technology is not only worn on but actually woven into them.

Still here with us, despite the disappointing postponement last year

Well, now we have good news and less good news for you about the future of the body born to bring innovative technologies to the market in record time - Project Jacquard is indeed real and almost ready to launch, though at a price that may make you relinquish the pleasure even before you have any desire to wear it And to experience its abilities on your own.

It comes, and it will cost as a real technological product, rather than as a standard garment

Levis representatives presented the latest version of the first garment ever to include the Project Jacquard technology at SXSW in Texas, the jeans jacket that will be named Commuter, and revealed that it will land in stores this fall season, about a year late Original - in the price tag of not less than 350 dollars.

Smart touchpad at the edge of your coat, with Which is not yet fully prepared

Almost two years after it was introduced to the world for the first time, we now know at last what exactly lies behind the exotic name of the project: it consists of a string of conductive wires woven into one of the sleeves of the jacket, which connects physically and communicates with a tiny processing unit, Button on the other side of the same sleeve, so that the basic touch gestures that the user will make over the unique conductive fabric will be picked up and transferred wirelessly to the connected smart device to perform specific predefined actions in a way that should be easier and faster than using the smart device itself, And Moe Narrow to wear other types.

The technology is not particularly complicated - but it is absolutely innovative, there is no argument about that

The idea sounds pretty good to us, in fact, and according to recent experience, it works quite well, but in the end it's another technology solution for very specific situations that are not necessarily too common, after we've seen an attempt to use voice commands and speech recognition A similar capability in the past - and at a massive price of 350 dollars (similar to the Jacquard Project Jaguar is priced at the company's official website at $ 90, for example), many potential purchasers might prefer to invest in a smart clock or wireless headset or smart wire .

Touch-sensitive surface on one side, and dongle Smart from the other side - all as part of a built-in dress item

We are happy to see this special project approaching the real world, and we hope that we will not encounter more delays and delays on its way to the shelves - but at the same time hope that Google will not decide the fate of the entire "smart weaving" technology based on the Commuter only. Very see it becomes a commercial hit. Currently, this is a hot pursuit that is desperately in need of broader and more diversified applications, which will help prices be a bit more competitive and more polished and mature.

The smart jacket can even be laundered without fear - just do not forget to pull out the Jacquard Tag handset beforehand

Agree with us, or are ready to buy the first smart garment of its kind on the globe even at the current high price? Share comments with us.