Will prices jump? Samsung's memory chip factory failure threatens to violate the HWzone balance

Will prices jump? Samsung's memory chip factory failure threatens to break the balance

Abrupt shutdown due to power supply problem at factory that produces DRAM chips and chips Sounds like a 2017 replay of Trouble

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Manufacturing silicon chips is an unusually elaborate, complicated and delicate process - when any error or problem that arises during it can result in extremely significant damage to the product. It is never positive and unpleasant, but it is something almost inevitable that nevertheless happens from time to time to even the greatest and best - and now it seems that it is the turn of the To be financially damaged, in a way that may result in a chain reaction in the entire memory chip market.

Now, there seems to be an opportunity to examine the potential impact of such a malfunction on the market situation, Am Verified reports For being a modern and large enterprise of a company In South Korea, he had to quit his manufacturing operation due to an electrical fault. Explosion at a certain power line resulted in only a minute's break in supplying power at critical locations in the factory in Huasong, but the company will take about three full days to return to normal production at the complex.

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The immediate significance is a significant financial loss to Samsung with a flaw in all the thousands of Vipers with DRAM and V-memories. That were at different stages of production at the plant at the time of the failure - and in those areas where demand draws in most cases the full supply available such a loss could result in a chain reaction that would undermine the delicate balance that consumers have earned in recent months.

Even before reports of the malfunction, we received expert estimates that the market memory prices, and especially the dynamic memory prices (DDR4 / LPDDR4 and LPDDR5), would jump tens of percent in 2020 due to demand swelling much faster than supply - and now with Samsung's loss of chip share That the gloomy projections will begin to be realized sooner and faster.

After a positive year of price declines that brought us to the lowest levels in the era - Experts predict tens of percent increases in average chips prices And various types of DRAMs by the end of 2020

Currently, the price of memories that can be found in stores across the web is still historically low, especially when it comes to offers from the US store of Which continues to provide free shipping to Israel for the time being - and this may be a last call to consider upgrading at Kurtz, shortly before prices begin to climb again for a period of time that is very difficult to estimate in advance.

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