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Will pro-electric memories obfuscate RAM memories?

A fast memory that consumes less 99 may be the next big thing

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Recently, we have come to know a number of innovative technologies that have the potential to replace RAM (Random Access Memory) Which we all use today - Memories Phase Change וMemories STT-MRAM, For example, promise to be cheaper and faster than anything we have seen so far.

Now we hear about Another potential competitor Who wants to send the God- Into the nursing home of the computer world - this is the pro-electric memory, which is more commonly known as FeTRAM (PA Ferroelectric Transistor RAM).
Like ferromagnetic material, pro-electric material is a nickname for a material that changes its polarity when applied to an electric field - an ideal feature for creating "0" and "1" modes that form the basis of any digital circuit.

Faster and more economical? We are always in favor

Scientists at Purdue University have used this interesting feature to create a transistor made up of nanowires made of silicon and pro-electric polymer.
The new transistor should allow for non-volatile memory, which maintains its "off" state, which can be faster than the current ones, more reliable and more cost-effective - scientists responsible for the development claim that FeTRAMs can consume 99 Percent less supplier (explanation for this impressive figure is not possible, unfortunately) than memories Modern.

Another advantage of The FeTRAM is that they can be manufactured using the current production techniques - CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology, which certainly increases the chances of These are to reach commercial application.

Memories that are based on pro-electrical materials are not a new invention - FeRAMs, which are usually based on capacitors (rather than transistors) have been in commercial use for many years. The great advantage of The new FeTRAM is able to read the information stored without harming it - which is not possible in the framework The "simple" FeRAM.

Like any new and exciting coming to us from the depths of one lab or another, this time it is clear that it will take a long time for this technology to reach the stage where it is available for real use, so we would not recommend you throw away Your DRAM is in the trash, for now.


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  1. Advantage for sleep and hibernate, a problem of reliability
    If this memory is not wiped off, it makes it amazing to sleep and hibernate - because you can simply turn off the computer and then immediately turn it back on to the state it was in front of it, without any resume operation

    But it will also have 2 problems:

    If the operating system has crashed (due to a problem with data stored in RAM), the data will remain there and can cause recurring crashes without a way to "get rid" of them, so manual formatting of the new RAM must be possible on the computer

    Viruses can take advantage of this as well: Suppose the hard drive is formatted to get rid of the virus (when we booted from another operating system), but the virus went up to the other operating system together if all the rest of the memory was before the rist. Here, too, there must be a way to make it erase like today's RAM

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