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Promises should be fulfilled: Denuvo defense in the new game has been completely breached and removed

Developers of the unique title Rime have stated that they will remove the familiar file protection if this is cracked - and have to stand their word much faster than expected

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The competition between the hacker groups and the major game distributors and file protection keys will continue for the foreseeable future, but it seems that at least at the present stage it can be argued that the hands of the first ones have the upper hand, and they prove successfully that so far there are very few things that are really immune to hacking , And that same "grace period" without From the moment the product was launched, May be very short sometimes - especially when people come to a state where their abilities are challenged.

In recent years it has been Which has successfully defended the range of gaming titles for many months from the time they were launched until the time when it was possible to distribute them freely on the net, but it seems that in the updated versions of this unique file protection we see breakthroughs that break records in their effectiveness and agility - , Which is now causing widespread interest in the network because of a public promise made by the developer of the title.

One of the most intriguing titles of May has also caught the attention of the breakout groups

The title, developed with a lot of inspiration from classical games such as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, comes from Tequila Works of Spain, which gave us the titles Deadlight and The Sexy Brutale, and uses the services of the QLOC studio to convert from the original version of the PlayStation 4, PC and, Came to the store Equipped with the latest - along with a somewhat surprising statement by the creators that they will cancel this defense once the game has been successfully hacked and distributed online.

Several keys (including id software that did this with Last year) have already chosen to remove File Protection Services from The Tequila Works statement sounded like a challenge to the various intruders, and was probably one of the main reasons why Rime won Dubious title as the title of the Which broke out in the shortest time so far, just five days after it was officially launched, and certainly too quickly to maximize its legal acquisition potential.

Another indie title that uses " - and burst out with surprising speed

The person or group that specializes in disrupting Denuvo's programs and answering Baldman has accepted the challenge and proved to everyone that this popular method is no longer a real challenge, at least until it is updated again - and Tequila Works is convinced Distribute an update Which removed the From Rime fully from now on.

Even more surprising is online evidence that the removal of DRM's DRM mechanism Also solved a significant part of the technical problems of the PC version of the title, which won the sympathy of the players but also presented a number of typical crashes and points where there was a significant slowdown in performance even on the most powerful systems.

A break in a few days will certainly not help the developer and distributor, but an approach that does not ignore it but responds accordingly and quickly you can improve the situation

There is a claim that the " Rime has performed an unprecedented amount of 'checks' during the game to ensure the authenticity of its executable files, such that it is several orders larger than those performed in the titles Others in the market, and this is what led to performance that did not meet expectations - until now, when the new update, whose entire purpose is to remove the protection, shows a significant improvement in technical capabilities. Could this be the reason behind the willingness to remove the defense at launch? It is not certain that we will ever find the real answer, but it seems to be another reason for joy for those who actively oppose all these technologies for maintaining intellectual property on the Internet.

Were all the relative problems of the title derived from And add another good reason for the resistance there is for the mechanism?

Rime is still only available in the, But we hope it will change soon and with the removal of file protection where we can also see a version of it that comes to - As a completely free download file - which will actually be the realization of our vision (and many others) for the industry as titles move neatly from Protected Mode to Legally Available on All and All Platforms after they are released.

Until that happens, if at all, this nice and refreshing title is available for purchase on the Wallace platform at a cost of $ 30. Planning to buy it? Tell us in comments.


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  1. The landscapes there are reminiscent of the anime series 'The Golden Cities', for those who remember.

  2. dishonored 2 נפרץ עכשיו על ידי קבוצה חדשה בשם STEAMPUNK. הם טוענים שיצרו "key generator" שאמור לפרוץ כל משחק באופן ספציפי למערכת המותקנת. אם זה נכון צפוי מבול של משחקי DENOVO פרוצים בזמן הקרוב.

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