PureLiFi brings us closer to the reality of HWzone-based wireless communications

PureLiFi brings us closer to the reality of LED-based wireless communications

The company is promoting the LiFi standard, a communications solution LED-based, has raised over £ X million in its second round of funding

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The future sounds brilliant for The Li-Fi solution, Or Light Fidelity, invented at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Li-Fi is Complement to the popular WiFi, which can also replace it completely under certain circumstances. The idea behind it is the use of the visible light spectrum to transmit information, as opposed to the WiFi radio frequency. This is done by modulation of small LED lights in a certain way.

Li-Fi technology has a number of advantages over the old standard. It enables much faster information transfer (up to 224Gbps under optimal conditions) as well as more secure, due to the requirement to maintain a fixed line of sight between network components and to prevent known spoofing scams.

Still, it's hard to believe that the common WiFi standard will take its place. The use of LEDs and the requirement to maintain a line of sight means that it will be very problematic to use Li-Fi outdoors in daylight. Therefore, it is now estimated that the fastest and safest technology will be used first by companies in the industry, and only then will it break into the private market as a supplement to the " Homemade.

It turns out that Li-Fi has gathered a large number of believers. The company responsible for its promotion, PureLiFi, Started its operations at 2014 and has already come a long way. Now it has reached its second round of financing after it has already developed the LED-based dongles, which it calls LiFi-X.


The company has been able to raise over £ XNUM million for the current round. Most of them have been donated by the Singapore government-owned Temasek investment company. It claims it has already started collaborating with giant companies such as Cisco and French LED manufacturer Lucibel.

The company's latest development, LED Dongle
The company's latest development, LED Dongle

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