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Watch: The new Star Wars movie gets a first trailer and an official name

The last trilogy will try to get back on track after the failure of Solo last year

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After the Aladdin, Avengers: Endgame and the Lion King comes the first trailer for the ninth episode of the great Star Wars series, which will be called the official name The Rise of Skywalker.

The trailer, which is actually defined as a teaser and reveals very little real plot details, presents all the young protagonists we have known in the modern trilogy that brought the brand back to the center of the entertainment world, with an exciting farewell from actress Carrie Fisher who passed away two years ago and C - 3PO and the original Lando Clarisian played by Billy Di. Williams. It seems that in the studio Recruit some of the heaviest and most popular brand guns for the big finish.

The Teaser gained about a million hits within 24 hours on YouTube's official Star Wars channel (with millions of views on alternative channels of course), and although there are still quite a few fans who are disappointed with the developments in the eighth episode of The Last Jedi, or dissatisfied with the work The news under Disney in general - the majority were impressed and excited about the film on the big screen this December, about a year and a half after the film failed surprisingly, leaving Disney debt of tens of millions of dollars with the understanding that there is a limit to any prank and watering of At intervals too short for each other.

JJ Abrams, who directed the seventh installment 'Power Awakens' and made it one of the three most successful films in history - is again directing the ninth installment

Are you planning to be one of those who will queue up to watch The Rise of Skywalker before everyone else, or in the meantime wait for more details before deciding whether there is anything worth your money and time? Let's share your comments.

No one really disappears is a key phrase in the video - and its ending illustrates it well


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  1. Solo was bad simply because it was bad… regardless of the intervals between movies
    By contrast, Rogue One was very good

  2. The movie will not be original, but it will probably be fun thanks to JJ (Jar Jar Ibrams).

    The big problem is Kathleen Kennedy, who managed to ruin the franchise thanks to some of the worst decisions in film history. More about this book ...

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