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Disney gives us the first trailer for the eighth episode of the Star Wars series, which will try to transcend the giant success of its predecessor

As part of the annual Star Wars celebrations in Orlando, Florida, director Ryan Johnson (who previously directed the successful science fiction film Looper) revealed the first official video for episode eight of one of the most successful film series in the history of film ever - Star Wars : The Last Jedi.

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In the video you can see Luke Skywalker train the main protagonist of the new trilogy, Ray, on the shores of a mysterious island, with a short shot to the back of Princess Leah (which will be the last film in which the character will appear, after the death of Carrie Fisher), photography The broken mask of Kylo Ren - and then a few short action pieces with battles in the middle And fairly impressive land battles. There are not too many juicy details here, but the buzz is definitely beginning to be built for him, ahead of the launch scheduled for December 2017.

As befits a trailer for a movie that is slated to cross a billion-dollar film (and set a final global figure of over $ 1 billion), the video has accumulated a huge number of more than 2 million views in less than a day - Of millions of views on additional channels, and with over 16 percent of positive votes compared to the negative on the platform, there seems to be a direct continuation of the great sympathy that the Force Awakens and Rogue One have received from the fans as part of the reincarnation of the series under the company .

The Teaser does not reveal too much, but certainly leaves a good impression on the many fans

In addition, there is also a first and new official poster for the film, which is a tribute to the famous original poster that accompanied 1977, exactly four decades ago, the first (or fourth, if you will) episode of the series.

Let's hope that the next trailers, which will no doubt come yet, will reveal a little more intriguing details compared to the first one.

Kylo Ren returns without his mask, and seems particularly angry