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Watch: another light saber that looks like the real thing, and you will not want to mess with it

After the big lighter, it's time to get to know the powerful laser that will make it feel like a jade, minus the ability to limb in a single swing

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While "power is awakening" Continues to break record after record Lightly in cinemas around the world and especially in the United States, it is no surprise to find more and more people who want to feel part of the grandiose and fascinating fantasy world of Star Wars - and as long as psychokinetic powers are not really available yet, probably the second best thing on the list is to create a sword of light (Lightsaber) Who feels as close as possible to the terrifying source.

A little over a week ago we introduced you to the talented (and courageous) Which created an extremely long flame, Which is reminiscent of its action and also its voices in the series - and now is the time to see another user alternative Nicknamed Styropyro.

Styropyro has opted for a blue wavelength laser with a high intensity of about 7 watts, which expands the beam it radiates - giving even more appearance to the original light companies, especially in a dark room. Unlike the real thing here, the laser beam does not "end" at a specific distance but continues forward until the near obstacle, as And the power won't exactly cut every body and bone on the way - but there is certainly enough power here to ignite a lot of objects, and to go blind if you don't take enough precautions.

So which imitation of the light member did you like better - the lighter or the laser? Share us in the comments.

Like the previous almost real light sword we presented to you, also what you see here - please don't try home


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