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Happy New Year: YouTube concludes a year in Israeli music

Which are the most viewed clips? Who are the most popular artists? And which Israeli artist is particularly loved abroad?

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YouTube sums up the Hebrew year that has passed in Israeli music and publishes the top rated local vocalists and singers in Israel for the year 2007 (August 2019 - August 2019). The ranking is determined by the total number of views that each artist has won, that is, the number of views on the various channels in which the artist's songs are available.

The first quintet was opened Eyal Golan. Ranked second Omer Adam, And third place takes up A sturdy Eden. The only woman in the top ten, Eden Ben Zaken, Came in fourth place, andItay Levy Seal the quintet. Static and Ben El Ranked sixth, then ranked in its top ten Ishi quarreled, Stefan Lagar, Barbie Construction וMoshe Peretz.

YouTube also reveals the three Israeli songs with the highest total number of views in the past Hebrew year: first came the duel of Eyal Golan and her son Barbie "What are you afraid of", second place is "Far from all" by Omar Adam, and in third place appears the popular song "In the moments You go "by Osher Cohen - not ranked at all in the top ten of the popular artists ...

Happy New Year, from YouTube
Happy New Year, from YouTube

In case you've always wondered, it's now official - it turns out that Israeli music has many listeners outside of Israel. Special test of First performed, ranks out The countries in which they gained the most views were the 10 most popular Israeli artists. First place is the USA, second place France, followed by descending order: India, Germany and Turkey.

In individual analysis by artists, you can find quite a few surprises. For example, most views (outside of Israel) have Itai Levy from India and then from Vietnam, the United States and Indonesia. Eden Hasson gets views from the US, France and Canada.

If you roll your eyes now, you're not alone ...

Rafi Ginet Photo: PR

According to data Eyal Golan is the first Israeli artist to cross the billions. Neta's Eurovision hit "Toy" also made a significant achievement, being the first Israeli clip to reach 100 million views worldwide.

The A-WA band has been particularly successful overseas in the past year, with 70% of their play being from surfers from around the world.

Summarize the year 1990 in Israeli music

  • Eyal Golan's "What Are You Afraid" and her sons Barbie is the popular song of the year
  • The most watched singers this past year are: Eyal Golan, Omar Adam and Eden Hasson
  • Old Ben Eden, who ranks fourth, is the only woman in the top ten
  • USA, France, India, Germany and Turkey - the countries with the most surfing view of the top ten artists (outside of Israel)
  • A-WA Especially successful overseas with 70% views outside of Israel
  • The song TOY By Neta Barzilai is the first Israeli clip to cross the 100 million views worldwide

At the beginning of the month YouTube has launched YouTube Premium and YouTube Music in Israel. The services allow viewing of content without commercials, playback of songs and videos in the background even while browsing other apps, smart search for finding songs without the song or performers name and more.


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