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Shoes for you

The phrase "where the legs lead me" may soon become a reality: a new start-up is going to make a pair of shoes for you for the first time

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LeChal, which means "lead me" in Indian, is a pair of shoes that navigate the way to the user. Here's how it works: Inside the shoes is a Bluetooth device that connects to the Maps app . Once the user has set a goal, a vibrational system within each shoe will be directed to him and instruct the user when he must turn right or left to reach his desired destination.

Also, the shoes will provide additional information such as distance, calorie burning and other statistics that we have already gotten used to from other wearable technologies. It is important to note that GPS shoes are already a product in the market, but so far this technology has not been intended for the general market, but for a specific target audience, such as locating children or suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


Krispian Lawrence, chief executive of the developing company Ducere Technologies, explains that the choice of vibration as a user signaling means is to make the method instinctive, a natural urge "as touching the right shoulder will make you turn right," he said.

Crispian Lawrence, CEO of LeChal

God-LeChal, Which is symbolically decorated in red like Dorothy's magic shoes from The Wizard of Oz, will be available for sale in India starting in September and will launch the product worldwide. Now you just have to develop shoes that you can use to send you home.


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