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Charging revolutionary 120 watts for smartphones - not yet ripe for commercial launch

Vivo has revealed Revolutionary that will allow our smart devices to work full day with a ten minute or less connection to the socket - but for now, there are no models expected to actually implement the technology

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We continue to fantasize about the day you are The lithium-ion and lithium-polymer we know will replace With state-of-the-art technology that provides twice as much energy density and supports short charging on the way back to full capacity - but in practice it seems that it won't be long before we see Such ripens for widespread commercial use.

In the meantime, it is best to continue to focus on methods that will allow the most commonly used energy cells to charge as efficiently and quickly as possible - as is already the case today with quite a few manufacturers with 30 watt, 40 watt And even 50 watts in rare cases.

Great promise of It is very exciting to us - but we still do not know whether it is really ripe for her big test

Leading smartphones in the market today are able to fully charge their battery In just under an hour, But we naturally consumers want more and more - and so after seeing My Highlights demonstrates innovative 100 watt charging That you can charge 4,000mAh battery capacity in just over a quarter of an hour, we also got exposure from a company Chinese for charging 120 watts even faster.

The teaser posted on the Chinese social network Weibo and began the rumor and guesswork

The Chinese manufacturer ranked among the top five in the world when it comes to smartphones has not provided a real demo like Xiaomi - but distributed a teaser image on social networks with a promise of up to 120 watts of power, which will only fill 4,000mAh battery in just under half a minute Minutes only). Definitely a revolutionary achievement that actually cuts 13 times our familiar waiting times and may allow us to get a life That provide a full day's work in less than ten minutes of wall-to-wall connection.

The next iQOO model will be very advanced and impressive with the 4,500mAh battery and chip 855 Plus plus a modem with capabilities - But the Super FlashCharge loading won't be there

The Vivo 5G hashtag that accompanied the publication has led various sources on the network to assume that the company's first fifth-generation device will offer the innovative capability as early as the current year, though the hopes now seem to have been a bit excessive - because the device The first of the iQOO's youngest brand Approaching the launch but will only charge 44 watts "only", which is far from the promised value.

May we see the debut of the recharge in the next Vivo APEX family concept model? We'll see

Did Vivo mean all that sometime during the era of Will we get 120 watts charging on our smartphones? Did the company actually plan to integrate the technology into commercial devices in the near future but found that it was not really possible and regretted it? Are we expected to surprise and launch with the technology in question already this year despite the findings? We will continue to follow this issue with great interest.


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  1. And no word on shortening battery life with these staring currents that generate lots of heat?
    It's good for manufacturers to shorten battery life: it's another income for them, with more frequent battery replacement

  2. You forgot to mention the Israeli company that two years ago (or 3?) Introduced battery charging technology in 30 seconds. They demonstrated the product (probably even here she had an article about it) and said it was already working and was in final stages.
    I was really happy when I read it back then ... in Basa all the amazing technologies suddenly disappear.

  3. Quote of radar

    And no word on shortening battery life with these staring currents that generate lots of heat? It's good for manufacturers to shorten battery life: it's another income for them, with more frequent battery replacement

    If you did not notice the LG G5 is the latest cell phone with a removable battery and the warranty is still 3 years for the cell phone

    The technology doesn't always come to knock you too advanced

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