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Multiply this deal here: Bank Hapoalim is offering a $ 50 discount on Amazon shopping

Original article: Another generous benefit from the US retail giant will be available this weekend - and by the end of the month

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The November shopping frenzy shows no signs of slowing down, and maybe even the other way around - just speeding up the pace for the grand finale to come with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday days. Bank Hapoalim wants more of its customers to join in the celebration, it seems, with the announcement of another significant benefit to Amazon purchasers through credit cards linked to accounts that will be available this Friday, the 22 in November.

As part of the new benefit, Bank Hapoalim's second in cooperation with In the past few months, each account will be entitled to one coupon code that will provide a discount of 50 dollars (about NIS 173) at checkout, when buying products that Amazon itself is responsible for their logistics (Fulfilled by Amazon) in the amount of 100 dollars and above.

Shopping in the American Amazon has never seemed to curtail the local audience

The fine print on the benefits announcement page that went online earlier than intended, it seems, and has since disappeared - makes it clear that the benefit will be available from 22 in November to 31 in November, but with a limited scope that may run out before the intended end date (so That it is best to take advantage of the bargain as soon as it rises, if you are eligible, before it disappears). In addition, the order price will require additional VAT and taxes based on the original cost, with the discount value reduced only thereafter - purchasing 100 $ products for example will incur an additional payment of 17-20 dollars already in the purchase status, when this total value will be reduced by 50 The dollars of the juicy benefit, without the possibility of "hauling" expensive products that require a VAT payment below the VAT exemption threshold.

Despite everything written in the previous paragraph, if we assume that the free shipping benefits of Stay with us for the next few days too - combining it with the benefit from Bank Hapoalim can create unusually competitive prices, with a discount of 60 dollars, 70 dollars and even more than the original cost (depending on the shipping price that will also be reduced at the checkout). We will keep you posted on the issue as the benefit of the air rise officially!

updating: The start date for the offer (according to the landing page that came up earlier this week) has arrived, and unfortunately we have no further details. Bank Hapoalim's official Facebook account made it clear that the deal was indeed genuine and not an invention or an error - but the buzz created earlier than expected may have led to the factors responsible for changing availability dates or perhaps even changing the concept and benefits. We will keep you updated as soon as we discover more details.

2 Update: Although we have already become very skeptical - banners and a dedicated explanatory page for this unique deal have gone to the official American, with clarification that coupon availability is just around the corner.

Please note that an 50 dollar discount will only be available to the first 6,000 users who will take advantage of their coupon code, so you will need to hurry to get it and use it before anything else. The possibility of getting the coupon code itself has not yet officially surfaced to Bank Hapoalim's website - but we promise to be here to update you as soon as it happens!

Banners in Hebrew and English are already awaiting Amazon users - now only to be patiently waiting for the gong sound because of the Deal Initiative

3 Update: The benefit has officially gone to the Bank Hapoalim website with an exercise limit of 7,500 units - so if you qualify for it, we have nothing left until you have a helpful and lucrative shopping!

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