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Spectacular every time anew: these are the best photos of Pluto that we can get in the present

The US space agency continues to pamper us in measured quantities with a new image of the frozen dwarf planet, this time in even higher resolution

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Five months After we got it תמונות And first information about Planet Pluto, As part of NASA's groundbreaking New Horizons mission Another record comes to us - In the form of the highest quality and detailed image of the frozen sphere, one of the most distant sky elements in our solar system.

The current photos were taken from about 17,000 kilometers "only" from the star, at a point very close to the nearest point of the humpback, and sent to Earth in a full uncompressed version - so these are actually the best photos of Pluto we have and will now have, Until another human spacecraft passes near it (or with more high-quality photographic means). Something that is not planned to happen in the near future.

Wild ice mountains merging into a wide plain

The information about Pluto will continue to flow slowly into the space void over the next few months, but what you are watching now is the best visual that New Horizons has to offer. The pictures clearly and wonderfully show the mountainous region of the star, and beside it the huge plain that covers much of its interior surface - as well as many small and large craters, which clearly illustrate its position within the asteroid-and-meteoroid Kuiper belt.

impressive? Without a doubt. Disappointing that we will not get more detailed information about Pluto in the near future? Definitely.

Below is the full image published by NASA (Link to high resolution image):



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