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The Spider-Man comeback: Sony and Marvel return to temporary cinematic collaboration

After the farewell goodbye comes a renewed collaboration that will allow the spider man to continue to be part of Marvel's big-screen universe - at least for a limited time only

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a few weeks ago We received some disappointing news For the fact that Disney Studios and Sony Studios have failed to find a solution to their business disputes - leading to future Spider-Man films becoming a separate narrative entity, Without any direct connection to the mega-successful world, his son continues to build at Disney with his subsidiary Marvel.

Now comes the time for a comeback against all odds. Apparently, the huge success of "Spider-Man: Far from Home," which has become Sony's most immersive movie ever in cinemas with 1.131 $ 1 billion, has done its job and convinced it to compromise - You will pay 25 percent of the cost of the next movie starring the spider man, and in return you will receive 25 percent of all his proceeds, before all distributions and refunds will all be the responsibility of .

A third Spider-Man movie in its current incarnation has already been slated for July in 2021 - hoping to continue its incredible momentum with the starring works

This is a significant upgrade in the involvement of The sequel for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home, in which 5 financed percent of the costs in exchange for 5 percent of revenues and Kevin Feige's assistance in production - but this was also a compromise in relation to the original demand, which was rumored to fund 50 percent in exchange for 50 percent of brand revenue. It is worth noting that Has also for years owned the exclusive production rights of Spider-Man toys and related products, which she acquired when she acquired Marvel itself at the end of the previous decade.

With the cease-fire between the studios, reports are that all parties are now concentrating on making sure John Watts, who successfully directed the first pair of Spider-Man films in the latest era, will return to the director's chair in the third episode

Bottom line, Marvel cinematic and Spider-Man fans will get another starring movie from Tom Holland starring super producer Kevin Feigy, and at least one other superhero guest appearing in other Marvel movies - and with the current precedent there is probably good reason to believe this agreement will be Continuity also in the future, from which they can earn and enjoy all parties involved and so do we, the viewers.

Happy with the developments, or maybe disappointed in them? Let's talk about it in the comments!


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