Tesla is not Mata: the impressive range, the next model and the truck

Model 3 exposure and a little bit of details about the Model Y - the past week of the electric vehicle manufacturer was quite interesting

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Tesla's popular 3 models are down from production lines and reach first customers across North America, and this is something that certainly helps keep the company's name in the headlines even more than it usually does when it seems that Masque and people enjoy every second moment Of this attention.

First, it was a technical detail from the US EPA that confirmed that the 3's extended range version would indeed enjoy a very impressive driving range of about 310 miles between charges, compared to 499 miles officially defined for the standard model of the car . How will this happen? Using an array Significantly more than the expected estimates of 80, compared to the capacity of about 55 per kilowatt-hour in the cheapest model of the vehicle - in both cases a surprisingly good figure that will probably provide a significant portion of drivers at least one day.

Model 3 continues to be highly sought after, and it is not difficult to understand why it offers a large part of the capabilities of the S and X models, which carry an almost high price tag 3

Tesla also announced that the improvement of the serial production line for the company's massive Model X model allows them to cut its price slightly - at 3,000 dollars to be more precise, with the cost now starting at $ 79,500 for the base version of the iPhone and 145,000 USD To the most advanced version with an array With a capacity of 100 kilowatt-hours. Nice, but still significantly expensive - 35,000 dollars that will be asked to pay for a standard 3 model and 44,000 for a model 3 model.

Now, for the future: The automaker, which is threatening to become the largest shareholder in the US market, plans to unveil a massive, progressive electric truck within a month that will not only be based on "simple" basic propulsion units like those of the Model 3, Provide competition to those of the company And the semi-Israeli start-up Otto. It will be interesting to see if all this will actually materialize, because this could be the start of another big leap for Tesla.

The next surprise of the company will be a fleet of autonomous electric trucks?

For example, Model Y - the next (and fourth) model of the company, which will be a more popular cross-over vehicle than the Model X is planned to reach the market somewhere in 2019, at a time when Tesla plans to reach a huge production volume of about one million vehicles each year "In the league of the truly great" in the automotive world and allow the model to be especially cheap, partly because it will share it Basic (and possibly even a vehicle) with the Model 3.

This seems to be the prototype of the next important model of the manufacturer - the one that will complement the company's long-standing internal joke with the word S, 3, X, Y, which consists of the model names

We continue to wait impatiently for the day when the producer's plans begin to turn to the Israeli market, but for now are content with these grandiose expansion plans, which at the very least should ensure that at some point in the future it will have the resources and capabilities required to launch a comprehensive international marketing and infrastructure operation. Do you dream of a car from Tesla in your driveway, or not? Share comments.