The spin-off? • HWzone's first glimpse of the new film in the "Fast and the Furious" series

The spin-off? First glimpse of the new film in the series 'Fast and the Furious'

The eighth film in a series of action films that has become one of the biggest Hollywood has to offer pretending to provide us with a significant twist in the plot

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Two years after 7's Fast and Furious became a huge, almost unprecedented international hit, with more than $ 1 billion in movie theaters making it one of the five most enthralling titles of all time (at least until 'The Force Awakens' arrived a few months later and pushed it to the spot VI) - Universal Studios is officially launching their marketing machine for the next installment of the brand, which will try to do the unbelievable and increase the degree of success even further.

How do you do this, especially after the moving farewell to the late Paul Walker who accompanied the previous episode? Well, the first, relatively long trailer for the new movie, called "The Fate of the Furious," provides the potential answer: making the main character cross the lines, and becoming some of the bad guys.

Yes, you read it right: after seven Trying to convince us that family and friends are the most important thing in the whole world - the new trailer introduces Dom (Vin Diesel) as he joins Charlize Theron as the new main enemy of the gang, in a mysterious and unexpected move that will probably try to convince all those who love the episodes The previous ones return to the cinemas in droves this time as well, starting with the 14 in April 2017. In addition to the plot twist, there is also a decent dose of crazy, original motor action, blows, blasts and the like.

Secret blackmail? Sophisticated brainwashing? Evil twin? A parallel reality? You are invited to try and guess together with us the reason for Doom's betrayal - and considering everything we saw in "Fast and the Furious" to this day, there seems to be no idea that it would be too crazy
Secret blackmail? Sophisticated brainwashing? Wicked twin? A parallel reality? Feel free to try and guess with us what the cause of Dom's betrayal is - and considering everything we've seen in "Fast and Furious" to this day, it's probably not too crazy

The entire cast (minus Walker) of the seventh movie will also return in the new and intriguing episode, plus a comeback by Lucas Black (played by the hero in the spin-off Tokyo Drift episode), a comeback by Don Omar and Tago Calderon (from Fast and Furious 5). Theron is mentioned as Cipher, the new super villain, as well as performances by Scott Eastwood, Jr.'s son, and Helen Mirren - in roles that have yet to be fully revealed. The new director is P.O. Gary Gray, who directed the successful remake of the Italian job early last decade and also had a beautiful cinematic success last year with the movie 'Compton'.

As in the previous two chapters, we are also expected to tour a variety of locations around the world - including the first Hollywood photo in Cuba since the historic warming of relations with the United States
As in the previous two episodes, this time around we also expect a trip to a variety of locations around the world - including the first Hollywood photo shoot in Cuba since the historic warming in relations with the United States

Is the eighth chapter in the family action films (which will contain at least another two , By the way) will be able to maintain the tremendous sympathy and success, or is there a limit to every trick and from now on the series will start with its inevitable shrinkage? In four months or so we will find out.


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