Is the cellular war coming back? Golan Telecom offers unlimited surfing packages

A little after we have received slight price increases for most operators - comes A new and interesting time for Golan Telecom

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A number of announcements about raising prices, with or without trying to "sweeten" the consumer price that we told you in the last few months, led us to believe that the entire cellular market is on the way to becoming a bit more expensive for the average user. However, The former) who took full advantage of the opportunity and made official statements that prices do not move anywhere because there is now a sense that competition in the market is returning to a new round.

Golan telecom, One of those players who chose to raise the price of the basic package, which is defined as unlimited 8 shekels a month Is now available for a limited time, offering a package with unlimited call minutes, unlimited SMS and unlimited cellular surfing at a monthly price of NIS 35, which is less than the price of the package that was available so far with only 30GB " .

In the Golan, not only the improved package, but also its advertising campaign throughout the network, with the fact that the last time a package was offered unlimited surfing for a week brought 30,000 new subscribers, so it seems that the operator hopes to see similar or even better data now

Joining the unlimited package of Golan (which is theoretically limited to a monthly surfing volume of 9,999GB) is available to existing customers of the company and to new customers alike, with up to six different lines for each customer, and with a promise of the existing price for two years, after which the cost will jump to NIS 95 For all who do not choose a different route - all this up to 30 in January only as stated, with the requirement to activate the SIM card purchased (in the case of new users) up to 1 in March 2019 in order to qualify for the terms.

If you feel that 40GB surfing is above and beyond you - we4G's offer may have been available for some time and will continue to be the most relevant to you

This is an interesting development that you can draw from activity We also offer packages with no surfing restrictions at all, when an interesting competition is expected against We4G, which continues to advertise and offer a program that includes months of 40GB surfing for only NIS 29 per month, and a statement that it remains a "lifetime" Relative to the Consumer Price Index or to the VAT rate in Israel) Are they even better? You are invited to tell us in comments.