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Ignoring the Past: A new Terminator movie on the way with the original stars

James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the original Sarah Connor will make a movie comeback in 2019, continuing with '2'

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The famous Canadian creator James Cameron will be very busy in the coming years, not only because he is Will open and direct a new avatar quartet - but also because he will try to restore the honor and prestige of another famous brand he created: Terminator series.

The brand rights will go back to Cameron 35 years after the original film was launched, which was probably more responsible than anyone else for making Arnold Schwarzenegger the most famous macho hero in Hollywood, and we now know that he is planning the production of a new movie that will try to ignore everything that has been done in the series since His absence, starting with the third film - will be the one to write the story of the new episode, which is scheduled to start with the trilogy New director, while the director will be none other than Tim Miller, who made the film version of Deadpool an impressive commercial hit.

A successful young director and a director who is responsible for two of the greatest hits of all time - will they be able to revive the Terminator together?

Schwarzenegger will continue to play his famous role as a futuristic assassin in the new film, which has yet to receive an official name but is already scheduled for release in July 2019, and what is equally interesting about the return of the original creator is the return of the original 61's Linda Hamilton, who She starred in the first two films and will also be a key figure in the new version, which is set to sequel to the beloved 'Lethal 2', which will essentially ignore any changes and updates to the formula in the three films (and the TV series that survived a pair of seasons) created since 1991.

She will return to the new movie, after a rest of 28 (!) Years

Are we going to have a big quality comeback, or another failed attempt to revive a brand that would have been best kept at its peak in the last century? It seems that speculation and guesswork can begin now, with the expectation of strengthening as more and more details emerge with this new venture.

The players are certainly no longer as young as they were in the 1980s - but the potential and relevance certainly still exist here


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  1. Grinding a dead horse, repeatedly ..
    Every movie after the first 2 movies just ruined
    ARNOLAND - barely able to go between 65 years
    Linda Hamilton is an 61 girl who has not done anything in 28 for years.

  2. I realized that Josh Friedman, the screenwriter for the Terminator series: "Sarah Connor's Diaries" would be involved.
    Hope there are references to the series because in the meantime she is the only one who somehow maintained loyalty to the original plotline…

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