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The Man of Steel Premiere: A New Trailer for the Justice League

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Friends Together on One Screen - Is this the movie that will wake Hollywood's sleepy 2017 year? We'll find out soon

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While September has managed to slightly improve the balance sheet, largely thanks to 'It' becoming a big hit (and also reviving the trend of scare clowns, including here in the country), 2017 is still considered to be one of the least successful years in the current millennium in the industry. Hollywood movies - with a host of commercial failures that have made it clear in many cases that the audience is not interested in yet more chewy and recycled episodes of those previously successful brands.

One popular category that specifically did not disappoint so much is that of the movies based on comic brands and their superheroes: The second episode of the Guardian of the Galaxy, Spiderman, the Unusual Logan, and of course Wonder Woman over all became good hits that met expectations and helped ensure that there was much more is very) Similar style in the coming years.

Almost everything is already ready for the launch of the film, which will try to break the record of revenues on a single weekend in November

Now they have two more 2017, who will try to do their best to continue the positive sequence and improve the general statistics of the year: Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League, both of which are slated for launch next month, two weeks apart. Will they succeed? There seem to be quite a few optimistic early signs.

The Steel Man's appearance in the video may be minimal - but it leaves no doubt that he is in the film, regarding any speculation that arose from the preliminary film events

At Warner Bros. Studios, they want to make sure their most ambitious comic book brand so far becomes a hit when it arrives in a little over a month - and after a number of trailers focused on the batsman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman also recruit Superman himself to the new trailer for Trailer Their justice 'and to excite the viewers (without destroying the plot details, we hope).

The fresh trailer has drawn about eight million views so far, in less than a day since launch, and seems to be very positive at this point - and what do you think of the issue? Let's tell us in the comments.


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