Pirate victory? All the big games of the end of the year have been breached

Battlefield 5 joined its competitors in the market and was distributed freely and illegally - and now it seems that once again there is no file protection that can guarantee maximum revenue for the products that rely on it

The Italian breakout group CPY did it again, overcoming the latest versions of DRM technologies from Denuvo and EA Games' original platform - and successfully running the game 5 without having to buy it, from where the road to all corners of the network was very short of course.

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The largest production of the American distributor for the year 2018 survived less than a month from the launch until it was distributed pirated and free, thus joining a group that includes the 19, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, Yakuza 0, Shadow of the , Just Cause 4, Hitman 2, Monster Hunter World, SoulCalibur 6, Dragon Quest XI and Assassin's Creed Odyssey - all equipped with the defenses of the company And they all survived between a few days and a few weeks before surrendering to the surge of piracy.

V was able to hold out more than most of the titles parallel to it, but it eventually broke out too - and symbolizes another great success for the collection of breakout groups

In the current situation, it can be argued that the most prominent and large games at the end of the year 2018 were breached at this stage, even before the year ended, with the only exceptions in this category being Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Fallout 76 Single player for relying solely on online game modes and a duty to connect permanently to the official servers of the creators. These titles will probably not be hacked because of the need to create an alternative physical infrastructure to deal with online defense, but it seems that a large part of the players still refuse to accept this approach.

Soon we will get the annual sales summaries - and we will find out if the surprising step of Activision for the series It was financially worthwhile, or not

With Denuvo's failure at the current launch season, after years in which amateur strikers seemed to be at a loss for their methods, was there a chance that we would start seeing more and more keys and distributors turning to online game modes only? Doomsday against piracy and players who do not pay for their titles? We very much hope not - though sparks of the trend are already being seen on the ground these days.

To- And the parent company will face major challenges in the coming year, although we are convinced that the last word has not yet been said