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The Return of the Graphic Guru

Rick Bergman, one of the prominent figures who led the blossoming of a company In the field of graphics cards and graphics processing - she returns to senior position after eight years of absence

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A lot has changed in the company Over the years, from a situation where she was guessing to the leader in processing thanks to the first Athlon processors in AMD64 architecture somewhere in 2003 to a situation where she struggled for survival in the days of architecture From the early days - to the present days where it enjoys a renewed and impressive flowering with the architecture its.

Also in the field of graphic processing, the company has known various ups and downs since acquiring ATI in 2006 and becoming a major competitor throughWhen a significant part of the successes in the sector is shared, a person who answers there is Rick Bergman.

Bergman served as one of AMD's senior executives and is considered one of the major forces behind the APU concept of general processing chips that also include a built-in graphical core on the same piece of silicon and behind the GCN architecture that has successfully used the company's graphics cards for nearly a decade - Until he decided to leave in 2011 With the aim of becoming the president and CEO of Synaptics, which develops hardware for control and identification interfaces on PCs.

This is what Bergman's previous round looks like as one of the most prominent and well-known faces of the Red Camp in the processing market

It can certainly be said that AMD had trouble following Bergman's departure And felt good about it, especially in the early years after the move - but now comes the surprising and promising news that the talented manager is making a comeback to the Red Camp, leading home processing efforts with an emphasis on gaming, advanced processing and tailored solutions for other companies that most often call the world. The home game.

The veteran senior is making a comeback - will he help lead the way To new heights?

It will be interesting to see whether Bergman will be the right person to strengthen AMD at points where it is still relatively uncompetitive, especially given the departure of a number of significant factors in recent years, led by Raja Kodori, who has replaced Bergman as head of the graphics processing division at the chip developer. Then defected to Intel lines. Good luck!


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