The avalanche of Denuvo file protection continues (update)

updating: According to reports on the network, it appears that the title of the indie Abzu joins the list of games defended by the - Which has surrendered to hackers, and is now being distributed in a network of illegal pipes.

The original article: A third group of burglars began challenging Austrian file protection, and it seems that new titles are in real danger of pirated online distribution at an unprecedented speed

After Prey was successfully hacked in less than a week and a half, and Rime was hacked (and waived file protections) in just five days, we realized that we were in a kind of new age for the pirated world of video games, No longer awe and fear as in the past. Now this assumption gets even stronger, with Tekken 7 experiencing it on its own and with a new hacking group that comes up out of nowhere and pretends to provide new games without file protection on a daily basis.

Namco's new game, which came after many years of waiting, was a success both for visitors and players, His first ever proves that the studio has the tools to provide a polished and adaptable product - but at the same time "won" to experience the uncompromising struggle between the burglars and the defenders when it was distributed free of charge to anyone in need within four days since it began to be sold, The latest and most advanced defense - a new negative record for technology.

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Tekken 7 reached the world of For the first time - and the taste of piracy almost immediately

If this is not enough, a new and third hacker named Steampunks has recently joined the list of those who have overcome the technology at home When it provided the network with a breakthrough for the popular Action and Stealth title, Dishonored 2, for the first time in more than half a year since it was officially launched. According to their reports, the group claims that they have new and effective tools to break the defenses in question, and seem to be able to prove this in practice when the adventures of Adr1ft and the building of the Planet Coaster theme parks joined Dishonored in just a few days, Which might lead us to a situation where my titles will not remain Which have not yet been breached, if he continues.

Planet Coaster - It too has been breached, after a few months of quiet

In the near future, we should see dozens more games coming with Denuvo's defense, but it is quite possible that the current trend of break-ins will change sooner or later - and good or bad, as the advantage for consumers who pay for their games legally will be to avoid unnecessary defenses (As far as they are concerned), while the significant drawback may be expressed in the shift to even more draconian defensive methods, such as Internet-connected connection and dedicated distributor servers. There is no doubt that we can expect more interesting developments in this race between pirates and defenders Soon.

A new group that wants to prove that the name of No longer terrifying the breakers. What will happen next? We'll see