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The avalanche of Denuvo file protection continues

updating: According to reports on the network, it appears that the title of the indie Abzu joins the list of games defended by the - Which has surrendered to hackers, and is now being distributed in a network of illegal pipes.

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The original article: A third group of burglars began challenging Austrian file protection, and it seems that new titles are in real danger of pirated online distribution at an unprecedented speed

After Prey was successfully hacked in less than a week and a half, and Rime was hacked (and waived file protections) in just five days, we realized that we were in a kind of new age for the pirated world of video games, No longer awe and fear as in the past. Now this assumption gets even stronger, with Tekken 7 experiencing it on its own and with a new hacking group that comes up out of nowhere and pretends to provide new games without file protection on a daily basis.

Namco's new game, which came after many years of waiting, was a success both for visitors and players, His first ever to prove that the studio has the tools to deliver a sleek and tailor-made product - but at the same time "won" for its meat the uncompromising fight between burglars and defenders, when it was distributed freely to every claimant in just four days since it began selling, despite receiving the casing The latest and most advanced protection that - New negative record for the technology.

Tekken 7 reached the world of For the first time - and the taste of the piracy from almost immediately

If this is not enough, a new and third hacker named Steampunks has recently joined the list of those who have overcome the technology at home When it provided the network with a breakthrough for the popular Action and Stealth title, Dishonored 2, for the first time in more than half a year since it was officially launched. According to their reports, the group claims that they have new and effective tools to break the defenses in question, and seem to be able to prove this in practice when the adventures of Adr1ft and the building of the Planet Coaster theme parks joined Dishonored in just a few days, Which might lead us to a situation where my titles will not remain Which have not yet been breached, if he continues.

Planet Coaster - It was also breached, after a few months of silence

In the near future, we should see dozens more games that come with Denuvo's defense, but it is unlikely that the current trend of hacking can change the situation sooner or later - either for better or worse, with the benefit for consumers who legally pay for their games to avoid using unnecessary protection mechanisms. (For them), while the significant drawback may be reflected in the transition to using even more draconian protection methods, such as an Internet-connected connection and dedicated reseller servers. Certainly we are expected to have more intriguing developments in this race between pirates and defenders Soon.

A new group that wants to prove that the name of No longer terrifying the breakers. What will happen next? We'll see


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  1. "A sort of 'precedent' that might bring us to a situation where Denuvo's letters will not be broken soon, if they continue"
    So why the 17 Pipa was not hacked?

    1. FIFA 17 was not hacked because it is connected to EA servers via ORIGIN,
      Anything done in the game must be approved by the server.

      That's why the last NEED FOR SPEED was also not hacked.

  2. ADR1FT has been hacked already….
    There is… what graphics does the game have… wow ..
    Now going to download.

    Downloading… but for some reason the file size is only 1.4GB
    I saw his promo about six months ago and I've been waiting ever since.
    Let's hope it's no longer just a fucking game with stunning graphics.

  3. As a consumer who bought most of these games suffered a lot when I had no internet, and this happened a decent number of times thanks to HOT. Just a few days ago their hotbox was broken again.
    To ensure that the Game Library is available offline, you must run all Denuvo games at least once a week.

  4. In principle, I am against hacking, sorry for hacking. It's like we encourage something to steal.
    Anyway, I would love if people would just be tolerant and buy their software at a discount and offer (usually 6 months after the release of this or that title and sometimes more).

    It will be clear that even in my youth I thought so because I wanted to be here and now too. Today, it is more clear to me that eco-system of paying consumers is important for strengthening the industry.
    As for protection software, I think it's a double-edged sword, but it's just like any means of securing revenue for distributors and creators. Unfortunately, these products have many disadvantages.

    1. Don't worry the industry is strong enough or more true too strong that it allows itself to spend real junk and more to raise $ 60 or sell season pass for the price of all the big game pigs these corporations

      go baldman go steampunks go cpy

      Do not deal with the PC master race

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