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Avengers: Infinite War - Billion Dollars Within 11 Days

3 Update: That locomotive just doesn't stop - now that movie revenue is already over 800 $ 1 million worldwide in six days, and it looks like it will have no problem smashing its fastest peak at the billions billion, before it ends this weekend, About ten days or even less since launch.

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2 Update: The official numbers are already here - with $ 257.5 million revenue in the United States alone (breaking the all-time record of Star Wars by 10 $ 1 million), and another 382 $ 1 million from the rest of the world.

Total 640.5 million, which break the all-time record for opening in the film industry at 100 million, and all this when the film was not even launched in China, which is the second largest film market after the American. More than amazing!

updating: Despite all expectations, it is still hard to digest the numbers of the title 19 in the film universe of Marvell and Disney.

'Avengers: Infinity War' broke its first weekend revenue in the United States by 250 million (!) In three days, adding second place ever to its first weekend revenue in other markets where it launched around 380 million - and together That's about $ 630 revenue (!!!) in about four days. An unprecedented record that surpasses 90 million for the opening of 'Fast and Furious 8' which has held the title so far.

This movie has become a hit and commercial success for now, and it remains only to try to guess what additional sums it could make during its cinematic run in the coming weeks - with the $ 1 billion already guaranteed beyond doubt.

Original story: With positive scores from most critics, impressive mystery around plot lines and an unprecedented amount of familiar heroes on one screen - The Avengers: Infinity War is ready to begin its journey officially

The Avengers - Infinity War is everywhere and is the hottest topic of conversation this weekend, here too in Israel, and not coincidentally: after over a decade of such and other preparations , This is the climactic moment of the Marvel film universe, which is one of the greatest and most popular superheroes in one fateful battle.

The third film of the Avengers series, with a sequel to be released in exactly one year, was received with affection and love by most professional critics, sweeping an average score of 68 from 100 on the Metacritic site (close to 69 from 100) and 84 Positive aspects of Rotten Tomatoes, along with success in creating ambiguity about the specific plot we are expected to have, the role of Hawkeye (who was not part of the campaign), and how the cinematic universe will look after this stage of its development will end, and who will be the heroes who survive and continue .

Is this the most ambitious Hollywood film ever made? It seems that viewers are definitely voting in the legs and washing the screening halls

In such a situation, everything seems to be ready for the arrival of the commercial data - which will tell us whether we have a new Hollywood record in terms of the best opening in history, or "just" something close to that. Right now, "Avengers: Infinity War" looks set to put in $ 240 $ 1 million on its first weekend in North America, which will be a record for any Marvel movie brand and second place ever after "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," plus Will be able to enjoy revenues of over 300 million in its other markets around the world by this Sunday.

Fervently guarding the confidentiality of key plot details undoubtedly helped to increase the buzz surrounding the film. Enough to break the most prestigious records?

That amount together could be a new record for the best cinematic weekend, assuming it gets rid of the 'Fast and the Furious 8', which grossed no less than 542 million when launched a year ago. Could it be? Tomorrow (Sunday) we will probably know the official answers, although there is no doubt that there is now another huge hit of studios here .

Have you ever watched the Infinite War? Planning to watch it? Let's tell everyone in the comments.


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  1. A great movie, I really liked but there is no moment to breathe ... Anyone who plans to go to the movie - go to the bathroom before there is no meager moment, where it is possible to leave [and it is a two and a half hour movie].

  2. Not seen on 3D, do not know why but did not come out so successful.

    The movie itself is very good.

  3. Excellent movie two hours and 40 minutes and all the time I was feeling that I wanted to see more, was not boring even for a moment without unnecessary scenes did not feel cluttered at all just writing genius.

    I was afraid of the burden of the heroes. They just did a good job. Marvell again did a school for DC.

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