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The belt that will make you want to lose weight

After watches, bracelets, shoes and even earrings that have all become smarter - it's time to get acquainted with the online belt that will spur you on and tell you what your scope is

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Don't leave the house without a belt wrapped around your pants and make sure it's in its designated place? The Smart Belt Pro is the upgrade you wanted, and you didn't even know about it.

A South Korean company named WELT brought this special product to the CES 2020 exhibition, which could replace the smart bracelet and watch and provide some data And fitness for the user plus a fall risk assessment that will be very important to the third age group.

The Revolution Coming to a new field of clothing
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Inside the smart belt, which is made of authentic Italian leather (an apology from animal lovers), lies Which should last for about 30 days, a magnetic sensor, motion sensors and transmitter with Bluetooth 4.1 technology - all of which together can report to the accompanying app for devices And android data about the number of steps taken by the user, the amount of calories burned, displacement times and static sitting times and the like. As a bonus, you will monitor your waist circumference, and analyze the nature of the walk that will alert selected parties in a situation where the algorithm will detect a high risk of falling (lack of symmetry between legs or unusual foot intervals).

Let the belt rate the quality of your march - and remind you to relax with the sweet ones before you need to change into larger learning pants
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Think it's a fine shine? You'd better make the squirrels that it won't be cheap - the Smart Belt Pro will carry a starting price tag of $ 400, and go away depending on the type of skin finish you choose. Ouch - we'll probably be waiting for the low-cost version of fabric.

A variety of options for customizing the design, for both the belt body and the buckle (with connector) Built-in for charging) - if you're ready to pay
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