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Best ever in the hard-to-see classification: The Joker never stops raging and gets close to a billion

DC Comics' Criminal Clown has already broken all of the records With an R rating for viewing accompanied by an adult only - and now raises questions about the chances of crossing a luxury $ 1 billion revenue threshold

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It's pretty hard to believe that in the year when 'The Avengers: End of the Game' became an all-time movie with nearly $ 1 billion in movie theaters, Another based That might surprise even more and steal the limelight - but it seems that Joker from the major Marvel main competitor is definitely close to success on this mission.

No one dreamed that a difficult and controversial melancholy crime movie could turn into an international blockbuster, but the Joker is certainly fierce and with more than $ 2 million in revenues to date on the big screen has become an all-time all-star movie with a US R Classification, making it clear that Any viewer under the age of 850 must be accompanied by an adult, significantly reducing the potential target audience.

After the meteoric opening, 900 $ 1 million in revenues were predicted for the movie in cinemas - but now it seems to be skipping that number lightly as well, and could become the seventh 2019 movie in excess of $ 1 billion in revenue

Joker has already been greeted by a stingy official interviewing Reynolds, who plays Deadpool and held the top-rated movie title in R until a few days ago with $ 783 million - and it seems the clown hasn't finished his job yet. It is estimated that the Joker will spend about $ 50 $ 1 million more for the rest of his life in movie theaters in North America alone, and a similar or higher amount in movie theaters all over the world. Another surprise from the piece, which has so far dropped at a much lower rate than expected, could make history and make it the first ever R-movie to reach $ 1 billion worldwide revenue. A figure that was considered impossible until a few years ago.

Joker won the "Blessing" on Twitter - mentioning the main characters' names in some of the R-rated hits from the past that he passed in recent weeks

With movie revenue of 950 million and above, Joker is supposed to deliver a net profit of almost half a billion dollars to those who funded it thanks to its modest budget - effectively bypassing the end of the game and becoming the most successful movie of any 2019 year in that regard. With such a crazy figure, we will probably see many more drama films and suspense in a (relatively) modest production inspired by characters from the comic world who will try to recreate the spectacular success. Which of the Marvel or DC characters would you like to see on the big screen in a similar style to an adult audience? Let's tell in the comments.

Is the next stage a nomination and even winning the famous Hollywood statuette of Hollywood? At this point everything seems to be possible for the Joker

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