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$ 1 billion opening: The Lion King devours the box office

Original version: The version of the remake for the favorite animated film is expected to put nearly half a billion dollars in the first weekend screenings

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Disney Studios' innovation project Animated films from the past reach its peak this weekend, so it seems, with the official launch of 'Lion King' in the 2019 version Based on computer graphics - as a novelty for 1994's mega-successful classic animation film.

The original Lion King was received with great sympathy from critics and viewers alike, won two Academy Awards and made $ 1 million worldwide which made him the most successful cartoon ever in that era - and although not everyone thinks the new version does well to honor the original (critics score of 55 from 100 in Metacritic and-58 percent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes), The prevailing expectation is that there will be another tremendous fund-raising success here.

The legend returns, in a new and much more realistic look

The lion king 2019 began its cinematic journey a week ago in China, and this weekend its screenings will begin in dozens of other countries around the world, including here in Israel and North America - with estimates aimed at total revenues of 450 $ 1 million, of which at least 180 million in the first three days in the countries United States and Canada.

Lazy reconstruction of the past or re-adaptation is admirable? Critics do not really agree among themselves

Such data will make the first weekend of the film the most successful for the month of July, and to the most successful so far in Disney's innovation project that will continue to gain momentum in the coming years with more and more New and budget-rich pieces - The novelty of 2017's "Beauty and the Beast" movie grossed huge 1.26 billion in revenue during its time, and it will be very interesting to find out whether Simba and his friends are able to surpass the achievement and give Disney another market share in the industry it has dominated in recent years.

The dubbing team includes some big and familiar names - while the soundtrack has been reworked by original legendary creators Hans Zimmer and Alton John, assisted by Beyoncé

updating: The first numbers begin to flow and paint an even pinker picture for Disney, for who knows how much - expected revenue of about $ 300 million by the end of this Sunday in all states outside of North America, plus potential revenue of 200 million and more in the United States and Canada Together for a tremendous half a billion dollars. Only five of his achievements were achieved Others so far in the history of the field - we will continue to monitor and update you.

2 Update: The Lion King's crazy numbers now include $ XNUM million revenue in just three days this past weekend - and along with another 433 million in China revenue (where the movie started its way a week earlier, earning it in about 10 days) is about to open A staggering 98 million, one of the best in history and a sure step on the way to a billion dollar slump, which could be released by next weekend.

3 Update: Disney's work refuses to slow down and continues to rake tens of millions of dollars every day, with the real possibility of becoming one of seven Only those who put in over 100 $ 1 million in their second weekend in North America - and bombastic predictions of potential $ 1.5 billion on the big screen. No doubt the viewers are pointing their feet in this case, contrary to the views of the critics.


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  1. Personally, I prefer the original animations, both in Aladdin and in the King.
    You do not have to submit anything chewed up here.
    If the story is good, it will work in any form, and sometimes better in animation,
    Because there was still a pinch of the viewer's imagination.
    So Disney come and show what technology can do.
    OK. We understood, and for the most part, we knew.

  2. I went to a movie with my daughter in the dubbed version, I did not care because even as a kid I saw that way, visually the film looks amazing, I even wanted it to look one by one like the original but there were some changes, one thing is sure was not good, dubbing! For some unknown reason, we do not invest more in dubbing, as time passes, the dubbing gets worse!
    I do not know why it's like that but it's just like that! And especially in such a meaningful film to many people I would be happy if there was more investment in word translation and dubbing of the film, in many sections I felt like reading a shelf and that the characters do not really talk to each other - disappointing!
    Do not see the dubbed version ...

  3. Reminds me of what many think about the anime about the dubbing of Hebrew, which is a joke from what they said because they are no longer really talking to Hebrew, then English but still not so good because nothing surpasses the Japanese original.

    In the old cartoon series there was an investment in dubbing today, it's just a joke, even a translation of a movie's name here is a joke like "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"🤦️️

    Not to mention the Hebrew language (so it's no wonder) that he did a stand-up comedy

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