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The chip manufacturing giant is making peace

After juicy mutual lawsuits - in and- Find a compromise and announce a long-term partnership

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Another reminder that Business is usually better than power games in courtrooms: TSMC and GlobalFoundries, two of the world's largest silicon chip manufacturers (providing their services to other companies, rather than engineering and manufacturing their own personal products like Or Samsung), announce at least a decade-long strategic partnership in the Pentanes.

In recent months we have received spicy reports of legal claims from GlobalFoundries, a company born out of the decision of To give up its self-chip manufacturing capabilities, against TSMC on the grounds that it infringed its patent Up-to-date manufacturing technologies. The Taiwanese giant She didn't have to, declared she would go to court to defend herself from the baseless allegations - and took her own counterclaim earlier this month against , For violating its patents.

Let us hope that, Will now direct full efforts to develop their future production lithography at 5 nm - the one that is set to star in leading mobile products starting next year (and later on in chips for much more diverse markets)

Don't worry, the end is good: both companies They declared Because they are canceling the claims and signing an agreement for cross-use of existing registered patents, each in addition to all future patents that will be registered to the two manufacturers over the next decade. The financial values ​​of this agreement have not been disclosed, but this is seemingly a welcome one for consumers - both companies will be able to use external knowledge and development to accelerate their personal technological advances, and will be more free to focus on these positive issues instead of their public conflict.

We hope this strange story is behind us, and who knows, maybe from this quarrel and the agreement that was born we will still see the birth of a prestigious strategic partnership in future developments - much like GlobalFoundries already has with chipset divisions in Samsung and Samsung..


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