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The benefits to be recognized: Money from Amazon

Original version: The US version of the online store decides to indulge all Israelis at another small discount - when buying 50 dollars and above

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Alongside all the impressive deals they have in every corner of Amazon's never-ending digital store - There is another proposal available only until the end of the Prime Day project tomorrow (Tuesday, the 16 in July), specifically for users from Israel and a number of other countries.

Enter the code SHIP2U On the Amazon Amazon Payment Methods page, with any purchase over 50 dollars, you will bring an additional 5 dollar discount off the product price - and you do not even need to be registered as users Prime to enjoy it!

Another assumption that makes the various deals much more wonderful

It is worth noting that this code does not reduce the VAT payment on products - that is, a discount of 5 dollars on a product or products with a total cost of more than 75 dollars that will lower their price to the Israeli VAT exemption level will not automatically automatically raise the additional payment ( Although it is possible that Amazon does return the difference eventually in such a unique situation).

Want another discount? You can get another 5 USD for your account if you purchase a Gift Card from Amazon worth $ 25 and above When using code GCPRIME19 - When the Gift Card itself you can send by email and use it for your purchases as well.

Buy a Gift Card for yourself and get more money back - when this offer, like the previous one, is naturally limited to single realization for each user

So what exactly are you waiting for? It's time to start shopping - and tell us about the most successful deals you've chosen for yourself!

Just before purchasing the Gift Card, you can see this message confirming that you have accepted the terms and receive the guaranteed credit

updating: New coupon named SHIP2U Available for a $ 5 discount on purchases from Amazon United States - take advantage of it quickly before it goes away too!

The additional discount for Gift Card purchasers is still available to every claimant - and so is Additional savings opportunities we told you a few days ago. Shopping is pleasant!

2 Update: Money back offers are also available in the European versions of Now - very worthwhile.

Registration for a month of experience in the Amazon Prime service, Together with Registration for a month of audible audiobook service (The two require credit card details - and of course, don't forget to cancel your monthly registration within a month from now if you don't want to pay for these services) will give you 10 Pound credit for online store purchases with effect until the end of next month. Action is swift and definitely paying off.

A great benefit for regular and pious buyers

Do you make many purchases in the British store? Uploading an amount of 80 or more in your digital wallet on the platform will provide an additional 8 of pounds as a gift, As a bonus.

Similar offers are also available on Amazon Germany for those interested - sign up for a trial month On Amazon Prime וIn Audible Will give 10 Euro as a gift in the store's digital wallet, while The investment of 100 EUR in the same account will give an additional EUR 10 as a gift.

The benefit inventory is limited to a certain number of users


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