Get ready for new Star Wars movies - from the creators of the HWzone Games

Get ready for new Star Wars movies - from the creators of the Games of Thrones

Disney Studios have given the famous and respected writers a leading role in creating New ones in the largest cinematic universe of all

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What do you do after you've finished creating one of the best and most successful fantasy series ever? Going to one of the most famous science fiction movies in history, it turns out.

David Benioff and David Benioff, DB Weiss, who created the 'Games of Thrones' series based on George R.'s books. Martin and served as its lead writers and producers, concluded a new prestigious contract with Studios To give them the keys to making movies Newcomers to the star wars universe - within the company's grandiose program for the series over the next decade.

The pair of television makers who have become real celebrities in their field are about to make the leap to the big screen

Benioff and Weiss will serve as writers and producers of a number New, which may be a sequel to the A Star Wars Story series, such as Rogue One on 2016 and Solo to be launched this year, with stories from different points of time and places in the veteran and diverse universe - given that Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi, interviewed, Already given the task of creating a trilogy New Star Wars, at the end of the Skywalker Saga that will end with the ninth episode next year.

Will the dark and older approach of the Games of Thrones go with the filmmakers to the future movies of Star Wars?

This intriguing collaboration between those who gave HBO the most successful series in its history to the biggest movie studio in the field is in its infancy in the meantime, so details are still minimal and vague, but Disney is aiming to continue at least one movie star-branded movie theater. A year, as they have done successfully over the past three years and will do in 2018 and 2019 as well. Now it seems that the plans for 2020 and beyond are starting to become clear, too - and sounds just as promising as any we have received so far.

There is no connection to another new trilogy that is planned for us - but there are likely to be many more big plans for Star Wars in the years to come that have yet to be formulated and revealed

Weiss Weiss is currently working on the eighth and final season of the Game of Thrones, which will include only six episodes, each of which will be up to twice its length compared to the format we knew in previous seasons, with a target launch in April 2019 - which also probably promises any chance of seeing any product Of the two under the Star Wars series before the beginning of the next decade aims to zero. Disney also made it clear that it was the two's choice to try their hand at full-length Hollywood productions rather than a new series, which might have matched the promotion of the home streaming service the company plans to launch soon.

There are already rumors in the net about the possible directions of the works on the way

Last year, we heard about Confederate, the next series of HBO's gifted duo, which will offer a world with an alternative history in which the southern states won the American Civil War and slavery remains legal in the modern world. Currently it is not clear how the programs to develop and create this series are integrated with the new task for - But we would certainly love to see these two axes come true, and if possible in the coming years. Is it a collaboration that will take Star Wars in a new, mature and high-quality direction? Probably it will be a few more years before we can give the answer.


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    1. It was precisely the latter that was the only one of everything they created (except the originals) that somehow felt like Star Wars, the internal wars between light and dark somehow managed to mention the source a little.

      Just water moles!

      For those who are still unaware and do not know:
      The STAR TREK DISCOVERY series airs very early tomorrow morning (Chapter 15 to 1) _
      At least here we meet expectations ... and to our taste even more.
      Nothing like STAR TREK!
      post Scriptum.
      This is about a century after Captain Archer.

  1. Hopefully Johnson won't get his own trilogy ... after destroying the 8.

    But the problem seems to be not only with him, but with Lucasfilm president and head of the entire venture, Kathleen Kennedy. Probability that she will not know how to handle the mission (showed hiring failure: "One Kill" was partially re-filmed, and still includes 2 scenes showing misunderstanding of the script; "Solo" was almost entirely re-filmed; A story frame for the new trilogy…).

    Would Lucas do it smart if Gonzalez had it all ...

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