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The dead walking to the cinema

The veteran TV series will try to find new development channels on the big screen as well - with a comeback of the best-known character of all

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The Comic-Con Conference in San Diego has provided us with many great and interesting announcements - and some are not even related to Marvel's world, surprisingly. One of those surprises is a movie Based on the comic and television series The Walking Dead - which is scheduled to be the first of a series of works that will try to expand and reinvent the brand in a different and more bombastic medium.

Alongside Teaser for season number 10 series of the original which has become a huge hit for AMC and succeeded in growing the successful daughter series Fear the Walking Dead - a short and unexpected teaser for the zombie brand based film was also featured in a joint production of AMC with Universal Studios.

We have heard about the plans of those responsible for the television series to cooperate with the creator of the comic series to create Based on the character of Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, earlier this year - but the surprise is that the project in question was suddenly upgraded from a movie (Like several episodes of a series connected together) to a movie Which will be visible at the beginning only on the big screen, and will examine the degree of sympathy that the audience has for the famous figure who formed the center of the plot for nine whole seasons.

Did you think the story was over? Think again

The new film of the Walking Dead does not yet have a specific launch date, but it is intended to be the first of three Which will deal with Rick's exploits, and are expected to include repeated performances by several other characters from the series itself, without relying on events and plots from the comic books themselves.

The decision to go towards a movie True is ambitious and maybe even pretentious - but it will certainly be interesting to find out if the small screen brand has a chance to succeed on the big screen as well

This initiative joins plans to launch a second spin-off series for The Walking Dead, which will be airing over the next year and will engage young and new characters who are second generation to the apocalypse, ie those born and raised into the dangerous new world and forced to deal with it differently from those who experienced it in real time. In other words, if you are just crazy about The Walking Dead - you have a lot to expect in the near future.


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