The final chapter of the new Star Wars trilogy will be launched a little late, with a new-old director, HWzone

The final episode of the new Star Wars trilogy will be launched a little late, with a new-old director

The end of the third Trilogy in the universe of Will arrive in December 2019, with JJ Abrahams in the director's chair

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When they exposed a particularly ambitious program for five to Disney New to the Star Wars series in about five years, it was clear that it would not be an easy task at all to maintain a uniform quality level of interest from fans throughout this venture - and now we seem to once again face challenges that form part of this concept, with the third and final film in the new trilogy of The Ehud brand receives a new designated launch date and a new director.

A week after the announcement that Colin Trevor, who quickly gained huge fame when he directed "Jurassic World," which became one of the biggest hits in movie history, won't be able to stage Star Wars episode nine as planned - at Disney Studios They declared That whoever gets into his shoes will be none other than JJ Abrahams, the creator of series such as 'Bad Identity' and 'Lost' and who directed 'Star Wars: The Awakening Power', which has also achieved tremendous and unprecedented box office success in quite a few terms.

Is the desire of Turn Star Wars into the most profitable series Hollywood has ever had? In the meantime it seems that everything is progressing very positively, but below the surface there is uncertainty

Abrams will direct the direction of the film for the concept work and the preparation for which Trevor performed, as this replacement will also result in a delay of six months on the launch date of the work: from 24 in May 2019 to 20 in December 2019, four years and two days after the official launch Of 'power awakens'.

Trevor hangs up touch

If this were the only change that has been made in the five-year vision of May not have been a particularly big buzz around the matter - but this is in fact an addition for a number of other events that have taken place over the past year, creating questions about Hollywood's ability to maintain the high level we have become accustomed to from the brand over the past two years.

JJ Abrams (right) Comeback - Will it become the new 'Dad' of the series because of it?

First it was the reports of a long re-shoot of Rogue One to improve it, when the original director Gareth Edward replaced Tony Gilroy. The result in this case was positive and the film, which is a separate chapter in the saga, has been a good box office success and not bad criticism at all, but rumors that without last-minute decisions on reorientation the reality might have been quite different did not add too much confidence to the idea of ​​giving young directors (And hope to maintain a uniform tone and approach between them).

Then, the retirement of filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the separate Han Solo movie date, which is scheduled to hit the screens next year, replacing veteran Baron Howard with the job without exceeding the originally scheduled launch date, only strengthened the pessimistic mood - and now There comes a surprising change of directors for a film that is scheduled for another two years, when it can be comforted that this time it happened before the actual filming began, and not during or at the end.

Will the second chapter of the third trilogy prove to us that everything is fine, and that the control of In the course of things is steadfast than ever?

At the end of the year, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is scheduled to come to us, captured by Ryan Johnson and has not experienced any (apparently) catastrophes - so it will be interesting to see how it will be received by fans, and how it will affect the way one of the well-known and coveted brands continues Most in the globe.


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  1. 'Young directors' - not always better. Most of the blockbusters from the last decades have been staged by 40 and older.
    The young people are good at achieving good results in a low budget - that is how they got recognition. But that doesn't mean they know how to use a huge budget and deal with the tradition of 6 movies.

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