2019's first Hollywood blockbuster

Captain Marvel is landing in the movie theaters and is expected to spend nearly half a billion dollars in just three days

If you went to the cinema last weekend, there's a very good chance that it was to watch the new piece from Marvel and Disney, which is also the first in this cinematic universe where a woman is in the lead role - Captain Marvel.

The end of the game in less than two months takes place in the 1990s, but is intended to provide significant clues and new characters that will become central to Marvell's broad picture in the coming years - so that one can understand Why was the buzz around him very large, and is now also reflected in monstrous revenues at the end of the first week on the big screen.

Berry Larsson, who plays the lead character and cast, has been able to wake the audience in North America and the entire world from the winter and bring it to the screen in very large numbers - and it seems that the opening figures are about $ 1 million in the United States and Canada in just over three days, plus 153 Million dollars in the rest of the world and 300 million dollars in total, making this weekend the sixth best ever in the world of cinema, and the second best for the world of Marvell and Disney after the crazy peak of the infinity war last year (about 455 million worldwide over the weekend) the first one).

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Captain Marvel's debut is one of the world's most successful superheroes to simulate a single - and brings the entire universe income from the plot Marvell to 20 billion (!)

These initial numbers put Captain Marvel on the safe path to enter the prestigious club of With revenues of more than $ 1 billion - and prove that even after 21 titles viewers interest in the complex superheroes universe is not fading, but just the opposite: growing and growing.

At the end of April, the fourth and final episode of the Avengers' series will be launched, and with the high expectations and huge success created by the previous episode, plus the increased success of Captain Marvel, all the signs indicate that we are brewing an extra blockbuster that can threaten almost every modern cinematic climax .

The combination of the strong female character and the rest of the prestigious Avengers team will bring unprecedented success? The answers are coming soon

Ready for the end of the game? Are you planning to watch or have you seen Captain Marvel? Share your comments!