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The craze continues: Even eager Mobile has an all-inclusive package at 49 Shekel

Hot Mobile responds to Golan Telecom offering a package 49 considered a similar deal. This is the "All Inclusive + Abroad" package for 6 months

Hot Mobile launches today Reaction For the Golan Telecom operation The "All Inclusive + Overseas" plan is paid a monthly fee of NIS 49 per month for 6 months, after which the customer will move to a plan that will cost NIS 99 a month.

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The offer is for private customers from all companies that are keen on mobile, and will receive calls, MMS, SMS, up to 3GB (followed by speeding significantly but no extra charge) and calls to 31 stationary destinations abroad, unlimited .

Hot Mobile is trying to find a way to accelerate the slow pace of recruitment and deal with the operation Where she offered a six month price of 49 for a very similar "all inclusive" package.

Competition in the cellular market is heating up again, and consumers are enjoying every moment
The large cellular companies did not respond to their own operation, on the assumption that the operation would not be able to hurt their old subscribers too much, and in light of the declining subscriber recruitment rate among the new competitors after the initial launch.

However, following the expansion of the operation into two companies, it may cause the veteran cellular companies to reconsider their plans and try new pricing programs, especially after they took cutting measures to cope with the decline experienced by their subscribers.

CEO Mobil Yaacov Nadborani emphasized "Hot Mobil continues to lead the cellular market competition with approximately 400 thousand customers who have already joined the new network. Customers joining the current operation can be quiet and confident that Hot Mobil will not show small letters, unexpected price increases, or surprising charges. Cellular. "

While they do not have lowercase letters, the uppercase letters certainly indicate a time limit that applies to this operation just like the Golan. After six months, the price will jump back to NIS 99. This is still a good price, but it indicates that this offer is only temporary candy and nothing more.

It is also worth noting that the offer is valid only for customers who will activate the new SIM card that they receive from Hot Mobil on the 31.12.2012 - whoever charges the company but activates their card after that date will not be eligible for the offer price in question.

Is this what will spur the veteran cellular companies out of their disregard for the new deals in the direction of price war that will benefit consumers? Or will they continue to bury their heads in the sand and hope that the storm of social protest and the changes in the cellular consumer world have stopped? Tell us what you think about the reactions!


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  1. Better to strengthen Golan
    The Golan ones that caused real competition and price reductions.

    They need to get a certain amount of customers to stay,
    And so everyone who passes by reinforces them.

    There is no point in strengthening Hot, a huge company and seven,
    That deals us with cable prices.

  2. Big companies also offer 50 A
    Unfortunately, they are working on a successful method.
    I personally know that you can get a discount
    40 to 70 per month for three to six
    Months when moving to big companies.
    Just need to go to a point of sale and click on a sales rep a little.

  3. Golan started a war and now it will be down to 39
    Golan started a war and now they will be downloaded to 39. Because they did an operation to bring in customers and now as if they did nothing. So they will take some more.

  4. I think this trend is not so positive
    Loss prices are hardly good for the stability of the new companies.
    We wanted reasonable prices - we got it, but if we stretch the rope too much it can tear.

  5. People are forgetting 50 this is temporary.
    Golan's and Hotmobile's operation is designed for people who would go through this as well, but debated, the NIS 300 savings to the NNXX months is a tad at sea.

  6. To 7 you're a little wrong
    That's a saving of 300 per year not 6 months
    And regardless of Golan's excellent company I was a customer of their 5 months and fire-fighting, good reception overseas calls 3GB surfing and no mistakes in mind.

  7. These are not loss prices!
    Of course, the company has different costs, like the infrastructure and the people who work there. But if you join a company and pay a dime a month, you put in a dime a month more than if you didn't join. They do not add financial investment according to a number of clients, as far as investment is concerned.

    And another little thing, I was rocking Mobile, and excuse me, but the paranoia that is going on around this totally delusional company is here.
    The Triple package gives you internet, a landline phone, and all channels including a HD converter at NIS 250 a month. Real Mortgage…
    They were always more fair to me, I never found any surprises in my account. The service is not of the 16 star hotel, but I have never found it as obnoxious as people like to imply. Don't know what you want, really.

  8. Consumers in the country are stupid
    Instead of reinforcing Golan who is the one who opened the real competition, they move to Hot Mobile because they are cheaper on NIS 10. You probably didn't understand who these were.
    On the day that Golan decides that this business is not profitable because the Hot Gang will lower prices to the floor, then we will all cry when prices fly to the sky.
    I am in the Golan from day one, even when I had technical problems, even when Hots were cheaper in a penny and a half. Principles are important, don't sell them for NIS 10.

  9. 10 You're so right
    The situation here is simply compassionate
    People will understand!
    If Golan had not entered the market, none of the other companies (and certainly not hot) would have lowered prices from an average of 300 per month to 100 !!

  10. 10 and 11 you are wrong big time.
    Both Golan and Hot should obtain a certain market share by a certain date or their license will deprive. Hot might be a huge corporation on Internet TV and landline telephony, but that doesn't mean they are automatically a mobile success.
    Incidentally, Golan Telecom did not exactly rise from some abandoned farm in the south of the country, behind which is a French billionaire communications mogul who already has telecom companies across Europe. If you are already a company with more experience and established in the cellular field, these are Golan Telecom.

    By the way, if anyone is interested, don't give me 10 for a dime, I hooked up with Mobile because today they have almost 700 active antennas compared to 200 for Golan Telecom, their new antenna rate twice that of Golan Telecom, they offer a maximum speed of 42 per second Compared to the Golan 21 (and as the future owner of the Nexus 4 I can get such speeds) and as of my hot date, 3 Giga offered before slowdown and Golan 2 Giga before slowdown. To me, very significant.
    Okay? Enough good reasons unrelated to the price?

  11. 12 you are wrong
    In Israel there is the impression that if there is a billionaire behind a company or it is a rich choice, it will continue to work in the country because hey, what is a million shekel losses a year for such a rich company.
    Should Golan obtain market share or have their license revoked? Oh genius, and if they don't get it that smart people like you prefer to connect eagerly because they have more antennas, then what will you do? You know the cable company, the one that provides TV and Internet infrastructure that the whole country hates, which gives shit a service, which is actually part of a duopoly, called Hot? So she is the one who will remain in the cellular market together with Cellcom Pelone and Orange. Indeed we are in good hands.
    I'll stay with Golan's poor 2 gigabyte, with 15 antennas across the country. In the meantime, I'm staring.
    By the way, at 42 megabits per second your internet package will end in an hour. Then what will you do, Mr. Nexus 4 future owners?

  12. 12 Leave, I now realized that you were planting a haut in response to 9
    Or you who work there. Or you are their groupie, what does it matter.

  13. Belgid
    Why is it that I never get the same respect I give? Is your argument incomplete without Zionism? Is my personal opinion invalid if it contradicts yours? If I don't share your opinion, do I necessarily "plant" "genius" "smart" or "groupy"? Your tone does not illuminate you in a positive light and does not strengthen your mind in the eyes of others at all.

    A company does not have to be a foreign company to decide that something does not pay off then to withdraw. Hot, too, if you don't succeed in the cellular market will run away, just like Golan. Both companies have an economic back, and both have the same interest in succeeding precisely.
    Yes, I know the cable company Hot, to which I went after a disgraceful service from IS. And I'm currently connected to Bezeq's Internet infrastructure, which I plan to leave because of poor performance and appalling service.
    I actually have a negative experience with every Bezeq corporation (IAS Bezeq International and Cellphone), but for now I haven't had a single problem with Hot. So beautiful that you represent "the whole country" that you say hates Hot, because they have a respectable market share, which is a very interesting contrast to the things you say.
    You don't have to stay with Golan's 2 gigabyte, they have increased to 3 to compare eagerly.
    And by the way, the fact that I'm connected to 42 megabytes per second doesn't mean I also double my data usage. I'll use exactly the same data with 21 Mega or 42 Mega, just twice as fast.
    So yeah, a "smart guy" like me, super antennae, super-speed surfing, super-surfing volume, and then connecting it all for a lower price and service that until now has never had any problems with me. The math of "genius" like me brings me to 4: 0 eager. They don't have to be their "groupie" to agree with me.
    The reason I'm here having this discussion with you is not because it hurts me that you hate Hot. You can find my similar comments against "free hate" from companies like Blizzard, EA, Activision, and all those "fun to hate because it's acceptable today". Not a personal affection for any of them, but just because of wise consumerism.
    Think about it, if Golan Telecom wasn't the hottest to compete with, you wouldn't have gotten those lucrative offers, and you really would have stuck to an arbitrary restriction on 2 gigabytes. And Hot is the "bad" company here? Because it is pushing the market for the benefit of consumers?

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