The Great Pirate Fight of the World of Games Continues (Updated)

updating: It seems that even the battle for the fate of Mass Effect: Andromeda itself has not yet ended. Now it seems that the popular title was launched with an older version of protection Which has fallen to the burglars relatively quickly, but with the launch of the first update patches, the version of the defense has been upgraded to the new and uninterrupted communication, so now anyone who wants to enjoy the game in its latest version (with fixes to the various problems that are entitled to complaints throughout the network) Purchase it with their own money - or continue to wait for the day when they too will be pirated on the net.

In other words, it seems that the DRM company does New and even more challenging against the hackers, and is now in use.

Original article: Advanced file protection developer Absorbs yet another blow when a title equipped with the latest version of the mechanism breaks out in less than two weeks - but shows no sign of slowing in its ambitions

Beginning in the middle of last year, at a stage when we already heard predictions that the company's file protection technology We have started to see a pirate group called CPY proving that this old battle is not over and brings to the network broken versions of different titles that have chosen this DRM mechanism at a rate of once every few weeks. Now this cat and mouse game seems to be continuing, with recent titles showing that they are equipped with the most advanced version of Falling (and distributed free) on the net.

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The new victim of the CPY burglar group is none other than Mass Effect: Biomed's new Andromeda-, Which despite its technical and planning problems is one of the most intriguing and talked-about titles in the market over the past month - and now seems to be available for download on demand, even without payment and without using the EA Origin platform.

Are two weeks where the only way to get the game was to buy it at full cost was sufficient to justify the economic investment? This is a question that we will probably get an answer in the not too distant future as part of the continuation of this brand

All this is even more surprising than the group's previous break-ins for the titles I have protected Due to reports that the company learned and implemented lessons learned after Resident Evil 7 was hacked and distributed on the network at the beginning of the year in about a week, with a new version that was supposed to be more sophisticated and challenging.

While we do not have details about the specific version of the DRM mechanism used by the role playing and the space operation and therefore there is no indication that this is an improved version or the same one that has already been broken several times before, but in the meantime it seems that we are still in a situation where the Denuvo titles are already broken Is not a question of "whether," but rather a question of 'when' - when the only exceptions are titles that are available exclusively in the online store In Windows 10, which uses a completely new file system that helps keep it "unbreakable" in the meantime.

The textual announcement that Mass Effect: Andromeda was breached

However, as in the past even now it is really not worth eulogizing the company And its innovative work - its defense mechanism continues to gain momentum and popularity and it is now quite rare to find a high profile game on personal computers that does not use it when the developer has already stated that the ultimate goal is not to stop piracy completely but simply to delay its arrival as much as possible, The gaming industry, like the world of cinema, reaches the first few weeks of launching with the highest price and maximum interest. In these terms Manages to give much more than any mechanism Another field is capable, and therefore it seems to be yes to stay, and provide a lot of work to the shadows of CPY and similar groups.

Resident Evil 7 continues to hold on to the highly dubious 'description' - the title Which broke out in the shortest time, despite all the difficulties and challenges

Think we'll see a better way to protect intellectual property in games , One that will be proportionate and decent and will somehow benefit both those who buy the titles with their best money and those who do not really like to pay, or whether we are "destined" to accept As a built-in application found almost anywhere in the foreseeable future? Let us tell you in comments.

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