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The Avengers: The Infinite War - on the way to becoming the biggest comics hit

The super-movie that will unite countless popular heroes on one screen is rapidly approaching us

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While the Black Panther Continues to impress at the box office And is about to mark a fifth week in a row where he is at the top of blockbusters in movie theaters - in studios Are ready to launch their next hit, intended to be one of the most impressive and expensive film events ever.

Avengers: Infinity War already has its pre-launch week, starting in May for 27 in April - and a full-length latest trailer that shows us all the many superheroes that will join forces: the original Avengers from the movie duo that became a huge hit, Black Panther being a major part The plot, it seems, is Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy and even Spider-Man, who will all compete together in the formidable Thanos.

The impressive and intriguing trailer was launched just days after a shorter video that garnered hundreds of millions of views across the web, coordinating with the announcement of the sale of early and online tickets - when all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to connect precisely to the sponsors' plans.

(Almost) all Marvell's heroes from the last decade films meet on one screen

The trailer became the talk of the day for comic book and movie lovers and also garnered tens of millions of views within a day of its exposure, while at the same time the US ticket sales website Fandango solemnly reported breaking all early movie sales by the way - in just six hours (!) Since the box office opened .

The latest projections suggest that the summit meeting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could record international revenues of over $ 500 million this first weekend, including about $ 230 million or more in North America alone - in a way that could threaten the highs set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens 'Only about two and a half years ago. All this when in exactly a year we expect another movie in the Avengers series, which was originally the second part of Infinity War but will finally receive its own unique title, and will be the bombastic ending of this plot line.

This movie and its continuation next year should be the end of another phase in building the mega-successful universe of Marvel and Disney - and jumping to a new stage where we will meet new heroes and see many more link points between them

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