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Hackers strike again: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be leaked to the network before launch?

Studio Could soon become the new victim of pirated content leaks - during which they could cost tens and maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars

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Just a few weeks ago, we saw Netflix unexpectedly hit when a man who managed to lay hands on a new season of her flagship series, "Orange is the New Black," chose to leak it to the network for free - all before the first episode officially aired, After posting a threat on the issue and demanding ransom from the owner of the streaming platform and popular digital content maker. She will soon be comforted that she is not alone in this trouble, it seems.

The virtual ransom topic is currently in the headlines almost unprecedented due to the online attack that disrupted hospitals, telephony and government organizations with damages that flooded the information files across many computers and demanded payment to reverse the process - and now a company seems The big movie, Disney, joins this chain of casualties, and the new film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, is also becoming the source and focus of a huge ransom demand.

The pirates of the cinema get into trouble with the pirates of the Internet

The company reports that Bob Eager's CEO has confirmed to company employees that some anonymous source has been able to obtain a final copy of the new adventure film, the fifth in a series that has grossed close to $ X billion in movie theaters so far - and is now threatening to publish parts of it online Until it is fully publicized on streaming sites and file sharing if his demand for payment is not met, about 10 days before the film is set to enjoy its international premiere on the big screen.

Despite Netflix's unexpected blow when it refused to pay the price of ransom - Disney, too, has no intention of surrendering to the leak, despite the financial risk

At the moment, Disney seems to be working with the FBI to try and detect the problem, and they are not planning to fold in the face of its millions of dollars worth of payment demands - in currencies Of course, whose origins and objectives are very difficult or even impossible to locate.

It may seem a surprising precedent here, but it is inevitable that the company's refusal to pay the ransom will cause the film to leak to the various pirate sites on the network, and then the next key question will come - will this really be a human blow to the new "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is one of the most expensive films ever made with an estimated budget of about 320 $ 1 million to produce and about $ 120 $ 1 million in marketing, so any unwanted surprise could have a significant impact on the profit potential of everyone involved in the project - or the situation might be Reverse at all?

Recall that at the end of 2015 Was leaked to the network in its entirety The film "The Man Who Was Born Again," considered one of the most intriguing and spoken films in the world at the time because of his candidacy for a large number of Oscar Awards and the expectation that he will be the first and most successful win for Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was distributed to almost every pirate source in the world (By a person who was also caught and punished in retrospect), Even before he reached the movie theaters, but that did not prevent him from raking in three gold statuettes and reaching very impressive cinematic revenues of 530 million (for a total budget for production and advertising of 230 million), while many believe that in this case the buzz The news about the leak not only did not hurt Fox Studios, but also contributed greatly to his success.

Could this be the case for , If the new film actually comes to the network sooner than expected? It is very possible that in a few weeks we will know the answer to this, so expect updates.

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