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The imitation succeeded above the expected: more than NIS 1 million for a case that is too similar to the Mac Pro

Ready to spend over NIS 700 for a chassis that will make your PC look like the new, awesome, upscale desktop model from Apple? More than 1,000 users have already voted

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Apple is a company that is probably already used to seeing its products imitated by different and different imitations in all corners of the world - but it is doubtful that it even expected a high-profile public imitation to be posted on the network before its product is available in stores. sounds strange? Meet the Dune Pro, which is about to complete successfully Of more than 1.3 million on the platform In a little over a day.

The product in question is a mid-tower case for PCs, made of steel and aluminum with the largest motherboard support in the environment (E-ATX and relatively rare EEB), up to 380 millimeters in length, up to 320 millimeters in length, in arrays Water with radiators up to 360 millimeters and air-cooled for passage up to 160 millimeters - including support for NH-D15's formidable NH-DXNUMX .

Imitation is the biggest compliment of all? If so then the Dune Pro certainly deserves a lot of credit

The massive minimalist design chassis can hold up to seven fans, 11 3.5-inch storage drives, and 5 2.5-inch drives - and there's a front cover that makes it resemble a huge grater, just like the new third-generation Mac Pro That excited (and a bit of a laugh) the entire network in its announcement status, which includes a dedicated design designed to mute unwanted noise from the hardware and cooling systems that operate inside.

It is hard to ignore the fact that this is a gimmick - but according to reactions from first-time experimenters it seems that there is a quality and worthy product here in its own right that should not be disqualified

Is it possible that the design that is very similar to a work from Apple, coming to stores only next month, is just a coincidence? Probably not, if you take into account The previous crowdfunding project of the same company that failed on the Kickstarter platform - To create a rounded computer case that looks just like the previous and much less successful generation of the same Mac Pro. Despite the jarring and puzzling experience of the past, Dune Case's current project seems to be still alive and kicking with no complaints or overly harsh demands from the lawyers of - And with 1.325 million shekel to the value collected from around 1,250 various investors from around the world who want to feel that they have a new and sparkling Mac Pro in their home, without the need to invest 6,000 dollars and more in the process.

The creators claim that this unique shape will help swallow the noises created by the fans and other system components - for the addition of almost NIS 300 to the base price

The Dune Pro does not cost 6,000 dollars to our delight nor near it, if it is not cheap - the base model without the silencer front cover (which makes the look almost completely identical to the new Mac Pro chassis) is priced at NIS 691 plus 35 dollars (about -125) for shipping, while the chassis together with the front Dice Y cladding will cost 1,090 for a value including shipping.

Delivery is expected to begin as early as January 2020, which is very close to the expected availability and delivery date of the real thing - so if you're a fan of the platform platform But also respect the design of the giant from Cupertino, know that you have just over 30 hours to integrate into this extraordinary venture. Successfully!

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