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The Space Agency watches that blockbuster on Kickstarter

The original article: Who said "silly" analog watches are no longer in fashion? Apparently it all depends on the design

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We got used to talking mostly about Various in recent times, but that doesn't mean that ordinary and traditional analog clocks can't be a big success story in the modern age - as evidenced by a San Francisco manufacturer named Xeric who is nearing the 5 million dollar in its crowdfunding campaign.

The Watch Company created a line of spectacular products inspired by NASA's famous space missions and inspired by deep space discoveries that have been documented thanks to it, and even received its blessing to use the official logo - resulting in a mechanical watch called Trappist-1 that won more than 16,000 Opportunity over the last month on the platform.

Watch with a mirror that is not from this world

The watches are offered in the well-known quartz crystal battery (with batteries) to operate and a version with a more advanced non-battery inertial charging mechanism - at initial prices of 190 and 300 dollars respectively, including free delivery scheduled for December XNX.

The watches are designed with decorations designed to simulate a real star system, including miniature planets that move together with the hour, minute and second dials and an element designed to simulate the view through the circular window advertised in the International Space Station - this in addition to leather straps created by the company which created them Of NASA in the past.

The prices are not exactly cheap, and can certainly compete with the various modern smart watches

The more prestigious versions of the watch even include gas pipes with a tiny amount of radioactive material that allow them to transmit light regularly for decades and illuminate the hour and minute dials even in complete darkness - and even more limited and expensive versions of the watch have even included elements within the meteorite Though these have already been hijacked and are no longer available for purchase.

If NASA itself approved these models and designs - who are we arguing? Invite tens of thousands of users who have already convinced and invested in the venture in hopes of getting a watch (or watch) before the end of the current year

Some of these features may be a marketing gimmick and not a transition, but the audience seems to have voted - with more than 4.8 million raised so far and slightly less than two days remaining until the fundraiser ends, this is one of the biggest social ventures in recent years. Now we only have to wonder what the odds will look like smart online digital watches with such a handsome design in the future - what do you think? Feel free to talk about it in the comments.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter project page

updating: The fundraiser has already reached 5.2 million (!) With seven hours left to invest - so if you haven't convinced yourself yet, you have a last chance to change your mind.


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