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The Singing Mattress: Advanced Yoga Mat

Yoga may be an activity designed for internal connection between the body and the mind - but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy some technological help from outside.

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Want to upgrade your flexibility and stability in style? Get to know the YogiFi surface, which does exactly what you can expect from its name - and makes yoga workouts smart and connected.

Inside the flexible and soft part of this unique mattress there are touch sensors that report user position and movement, while the hard part at the end exists And microphones that allow you to pass instructions and also hear the consumer. In combination with the accompanying app, you will receive a private yoga class tailored to your level and personal preferences - even without leaving your warm and cozy home.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the trendy training method from the East and were afraid to ask - now with you on the floor (and inside the smart device)
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The YogiFi surface and the YogiFi app (available for both iOS and Android, as requested) can be customized with watches Watch and wearable Fitbit products to integrate more information from their built-in sensors, while the system's built-in workouts are tailored to individuals, yoga instructors who want to do one-on-one training remotely, and monitor and monitor entire yoga groups within a studio.

High-quality yoga for the masses is not yet - at least not at the current launch price planned for the product
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So how much does this soothing technological delight cost? This is where things start to get a little complicated for us, With a $ 200 temporary launch price plus a $ 10 monthly subscription price for the companion app And the supply promise starting in May 2020 - and an even more formidable final official recommended price of $ 400 (!) Plus $ 20 each month for the app. In such a situation, many yoga enthusiasts probably prefer to keep the simple, stupid soft mattress that they have purchased for a few dozen shekels at the nearest Stoke store.


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