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Marvell's Black Panther is on its way to revenue of $ 1 billion

3 Update: Somehow, the Panther continues to reinvent itself - en route to a second weekend with revenues of more than 108 million and total revenues of only 400 million in North America, and over 700 million worldwide after only ten days in the halls. Now, this movie seems to almost certainly become the number 33 in history, reaching a billion-dollar revenue threshold.

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2 Update: The film's momentum is only increasing with every passing day, all looks, and after higher revenue than expected on Sunday, it faces opening revenues of over $ 202 million in North America, with the potential to reach about $ 244 million by the end of Monday, which will become The all-time second-best opener in Uncle Sam's country - just after the legendary Star Wars data: The Force Awakens.

updating: Stunning! The latest estimates call for 192's $ 1 million revenue for 195 million for the Black Panther at the end of the first week in the United States and Canada alone, fifth in all of Hollywood's history, and more than $ 360 for the weekend in the world. An amount that is sufficient to enter the largest 15 ever.

This film opens a simple dream, and with a particularly strong feedback from critics and viewers it is very possible that it will continue to break many more cinematic records in the coming weeks.

The original story: The creation of Marvel and Disney's new superheroes has become a formative cultural event in the entertainment world - and is on its way to breaking a lot of movie industry records

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§¨ × ¤ × ¨ © ¨, ¤ × ¨ ¨ Other in history, with an average 88 review score from 100 on the Metacritic site and 97 an equally impressive percentage of positive reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes website - and viewers who started washing their theaters starting Thursday last week were very fond of what they saw, with the overwhelming majority of comments The highest positive rating within the designated polls made in cinemas.

A team made up entirely of African-American actors has achieved unprecedented success in Hollywood at this time of the year, which for years has been considered one of the worst to launch large and action-packed productions

Beyond that, a widespread social networking viral campaign rates the movie as a "new kind of blockbuster," because it's Hollywood's biggest and most expensive film to date, based on a team of which 95 percent are African-American actors and crew - An antithesis to complaints about two years ago about the exclusion of Hollywood minorities and the Oscars in particular, which managed to make the film feel like a new spirit in the veteran film industry and further increased the interest and popularity of the work.

The first weekend's earnings will be higher than those of Captain America: the Civil War, and with the potential to pass even the Avengers:

What does all this mean in numbers? The film with a production budget of about $ 200 million will make absolute success ever its first weekend in North America in February and the entire winter season, passing Deadpool which peaked two years ago - with estimated revenues of over 185 million Dollar in the United States and Canada in three days. Additional revenue of over $ 150 million in the rest of the world where the film was launched this weekend will include a figure that already covers all of the estimated costs of the work, and will also be one of the best 20 openings in film history. In other words - the best cinematic debut of a superhero.

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