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The story behind the most famous scream in the world

Did you know? More than 60 a year hides in hundreds of films , Series and games One strange cry, with an interesting background story

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In the year 1953, "The Charge at Feather River" was released. In one of the scenes in the film, Private Wilhelm appears to have been hit by a leg in his leg - and screams. The same scream was smashed in several places in the forgotten movie: Both an Indian killed by knives and an American horseman injured by a spear in his heart scream exactly the same scream.

The entertainment world loves its screams 'old-school'

This repeated scream did not end its role in the film in question, but was put in more and more . Giant ants take over the earth and grab a human - and the man screams the exact same scream. So on, in the early and late Star Wars movies; In the Indiana Jones films when a person fell from a vehicle, was shot, or was driven off; In "Batman," "Watchdogs," Disney and Pixar movies such as "Aladdin" and "Toy Story," "Titanic," "The Lord of the Rings," and more. In fact, over 60 year, more than 220 were counted More or less familiar, the strange cry is heard again and again. From the moment they entered the computer games with capabilities Satisfaction - the scream was heard in them as well.

So what is that scream? The original scream was probably performed by a fairly mediocre Hollywood actor named Sheb Wooley. This is a sound effect recorded under the name "A man eaten by a crocodile". The effect was included in the Warner Bros effects library .. In those years before the Internet era, the effects of inventions were not as great as today, and in many cases the movie studios had to produce many of the effects specifically for the movies. The effects were retained on the media that existed then, such as vinyl records and magnetic recording films.

Probably, in the absence Access to additional media was limited, so the same effect was often reused in the same movie and in other movies - simply because it was. The years have passed, and of course - with the advancement of technology and the advent of the Internet, the variety of sound effects has become very rich. The sound technicians could pick out screams from an infinite variety, but the same scream continued to star in the newest movies and TV series, probably as an in-house joke by the voice people. In some cases, the voice man was "caught" by the director and instructed to remove the scream - and immediately. In other cases, the scream slipped under the directors' noses and remained in the film.

In "Indiana Jones and the Damned Temple" from 1984, screams are used when a person is actually eaten at the scene by a crocodile as a tribute to the original name of the scream and to the knowledge of creator George Lucas. This is one of the only times the effect was used in accordance with the initial nickname affixed to him - "A person eaten by a crocodile."

The scream itself can be downloaded from Wikipedia. According to editors The scream belongs to the public domain, so if you want to embed it in the videos you created, at least according to me Its use is free.

In the videos below you can enjoy a small selection of Wilhelm's screams in various movies - and also computer games.

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