The new Batman v Superman trailer will make you regret that 2016 is not here yet. • HWzone

The new Batman v Superman trailer will make you regret that 2016 is not here yet

The relationship between the world of cinema and the world of comics has never been closer and closer, and so the San Francisco Grand Comic Congress also provides us with new details and trailers for some of the biggest and most promising films of the coming year.

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after Suicide Squad that looks shiny, We also get a longer look at the big movie that will bring it forward, and position two of the greatest superheroes against each other - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the trailer you can see a little more of Batman's new incarnation, with Ben Affleck entering the big rubber shoes, many impressive effects of destruction and explosions, and even a few moments from the new Wonder Woman, played by local actor Gal Gadot.

The new trailer has certainly been able to raise our level of buzz for the new film, and the comic film universe that builds And Warner Bros in general. what do you think?


3 תגובות

  1. Looks silly, the actors are bad.
    "The red capes are coming" טוב שהוא לא אמר את זה כמו הילד הביישן מהצגת סיום של ביה"ס יסודי.
    And Ben Affleck is a bad player.

  2. Say it a thousand times before, and say a lot more .. Any movie about Batman after the Nolan series just ruins more .. Just ridiculous

  3. יש לי גם תחושה שהסרטים של הוולייוד הולכים ומתאימים את עצמם לדור החדש והצעיר…
    למשל בSUICIDE SQUAD הגיבורים מתלבשים באופנה של היום כזה… הם נראים כאילו הם בני 20 או משהו….
    בסוף כל הגיבורים והרשעים יהיו TEENAGERS וכל האלימות בסרט תהיה כמו בסרט מצוייר כזה…

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