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Sony is surprising: futuristic electric car and sports as you have not seen on screen

Game consoles, cameras and audio products are very nice - but the Japanese manufacturer aims to expand into new technological areas and does not hide it

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After quite a few challenging years, it seems that the company Again on the wave. It controls the level of photography sensors, enjoys a particularly prestigious foothold in the video game world, delivers a line of audio products to a devoted fan audience - and will soon try to conquer the world of smart electric vehicles, too.

Sony wants to incorporate screens, sensors and audio products into its future vehicles - and to test and demonstrate its capabilities in the field decided to develop a complete electric car prototype (which even earned a road trip approval) that mentions Tesla products and answers Vision-S. In the futuristic vehicle you will find an impressive panoramic end-to-end, array At the bottom of the chassis will contribute to stability with a low center of gravity, a built-in speaker system within each seat for an experience Encompasses and encompasses the space and 33 different sensors that are directed into both the passenger compartment and the outside world.

Elon Musk would be proud of the new competitor's visual product?
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It is doubtful that we will soon have to decide whether we are interested in purchasing From Toyota, Tesla or For it is only a concept - but it is surely a very effective way of announcing a formal entry into a new field. The Vision-S has surprised many and has become one of the key topics of conversation at CES 2020, and rightly so for us.

Sony does not have an official plan to sell vehicles to consumers - but apparently this possibility cannot be ruled out in the long run
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In addition to audio products from smart spatial new televisions at the resolution of And 8K, which is set to continue to drop in price ranks in 2020 and also unveil an official (not surprisingly) logo for the console 5 Coming Up - The other intriguing development of the company that managed to surprise us for the better came from broadcasting .

Machine learning, And photography merges - creating innovations
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Sony has taken advantage of technologies For motion detection, combine them with their advanced video capabilities - creating the ability to process and affect real-time viewing, as illustrated in a room where a friendly ping pong game was played, which instantly translated into realistic computer graphics on a close-up screen.

Today is ping-pong in a closed and controlled environment - tomorrow is a must-have product in every football field and basketball court? We hold fingers
Photo: HWzone

With such capability, it seems that we will soon be able to enjoy a variety of enhancements for our sports broadcasts, not only in the replay but also while the events are on screen for the first time.


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