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New development promises us a much better wireless internet

Research team at the Institute WITH Developed a system that competes efficiently with heavy loads on Wireless systems and promises exceptionally impressive speeds and ranges

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Experience the use of a cell phone or computer with a connection Against Which suffer from heavy loads, for example in a public place, is not particularly enjoyable, and for this almost everyone can testify. Researchers at the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at MIT have developed a system that will deal with the load and war problem on the narrow spectrum spectrum, the so-called Spectrum Crunch.

In a press release Published by the Institute, tells of an article published by a research team headed by Syrian-American professor Dina Qutbi. The article demonstrates the use of a system called MegaMimo 2.0, which can transmit information in a way Three times faster and doubling the signal range.

"The problem (MegaMIMO is trying to solve) is that a number of routers are not able to transmit data on the same segment of the spectrum without disrupting the signal," said Aaron Rachel, who wrote an article on the new development. The new version of MegaMIMO works by synchronizing and synchronizing several access points so that they work on the same frequency without interrupting each other. For this purpose, the team has developed a number of signal processing algorithms that allow several transmitters who work separately to transmit data to the receivers on the same segment of the spectrum.

The tests conducted by the team showed positive results
The tests conducted by the team showed positive results

The system will soon become commercial, and will likely be particularly effective in crowded places, such as football stadiums and conferences. A test conducted by the team with a number of laptops found that their data transfer speed increased by 330% compared to the use of a standard WiFi network.

The hardware that will implement this solution will be the size of a standard router and will contain a processor, real-time communications processing system and a receiver transmitter. According to Rachal, the new technology can also be applied to And solve similar load problems.


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