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The new development of the Valve: A game controller tracks traffic that uses all your fingers

The Knuckles are what will become the new base requirement for the games Advanced?

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The well-known Valve company has stuck to the world of virtual reality technologies when it developed HTC's Vive glasses and continues to develop the field today through its Steam Store, which concentrates most of the new and significant titles for Vive, And for the fake reality glasses from home . However, it seems that the company is not satisfied with this situation and hope to continue to march the young field in new directions - in part with the help of a new game controller who answers the simple and direct nickname Knuckles. Why? Because it gives each finger in the palm a special role in the game experience.

The future controller is under development for a considerable amount of time, but has been revealed with really significant information only now - including recent charts and small GIFs that show the soft and elastic strip that will be part of the product and will be designed to anchor the Knuckles to the user's hand without falling , Even when he does not use his fingers to hold it.

The new flashing of the Valve

The spoken track will allow all ten fingers of the player to participate in the celebration, whereas on most other mornings, only two or three fingers are used in each hand, while the rest are only for holding.

The unique controller in action - simple but very effective customization

The finger and forearm finger will have a dedicated capacitive touch pad for each of them, which can absorb the relative position of the finger relative to the controller and the movements it performs, while the finger will receive a central dedicated focal pad at the rear of the controller, and the thumb will be responsible for the main use button as well as the buttons The settings of the product, with the entire body of the controller supporting sensing position in space based on external sensors such as those already arriving with the Vive (and the- Rift).

Very few people have really experienced Knuckles so far, and in the meantime there seems to be no plans to change this situation on the horizon

This is a solution that will undoubtedly take time to get used to, and time to make it really useful in the various games, but ultimately it seems that we can get experience Much more interesting and advanced, in which each of the consumer's fingers will be presented convincingly in the digital world transmitted to the eyes.

That's how it's built and that's how it works - in a slightly more profound way

Interested in Knuckles? Here comes the least optimistic part of which we are telling you that WALAV's controller is currently available only for a small group of developers who have been personally selected by the company, when we still have no information about the plans to launch them to home consumers - at what cost. We'll stick fingers to make it happen - and before tracking each finger separately using sensors built into the VR glasses, it becomes a real and mature technological possibility.

How much would you pay for this product, if at all?

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